Latest Boxing News

Adrian Taihia may be in line for a World title fight

Adrain Taihia is currently awaiting approval for a potential WBU World title fight in Fiji against Savenaca Naliva.

New Zealand current world boxing rankings

New Zealand fighters feature prominently in the rankings of the four major boxing organisations.

Bowyn Morgan gets first major regional title opportunity

Announced late last night; Bowyn Morgan will get his first major regional title opportunity on March 28th in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Parker's manager claims A-side status in potential Usyk bout

In a recent interview with Sky Sport, Joseph Parker's manager David Higgins has made some controversial comments about the potential split of earnings between the two fighters.

Claressa Shields promises big fight with Geovana Peres

Geovana Peres' callout of Claressa Shields has led to an unofficial agreement between the two women that they will fight in 2020.

Craig Thomson announces his three boxing shows for 2020

Craig Thomson of CTP Boxing has announced that he will be promoting three shows this year in his 14th year as a boxing promoter