Last night, inside Auckland's Eventfinda Stadium eight men from throughout NZ competed to be the 68kg King, at King in the Ring's 30th event. When the dust settled it was Rob ‘El Hurto’ Horrocks from FightScience Queenstown, who walked out with the crown, $10,000 and as King of this extremely competitive weight division.

Smashing his way to the final with stoppages over Jon "Hellraiser' Anderson and Yuri Mamic it was the best of the best when Horrocks and Conlan met in the final.

The final is worthy of a quadruple watch and will go in history as one of the all time greats with Horrocks landing the powerful damaging blows and Conlan the high and precise work rate. As the clock ticked down some would say it was edging towards Conlan until..... BOOOM - Horrocks connected with a punch setting Conlan up for an 8 count. It was the final shot that cemented Horrocks in the top echelon of the world and new KITR 68kg champion

“I committed with the thought that I couldn’t lose. I came to Queenstown (From the UK) I started the fight science muay Thai club, we started fighting, we started getting better, I registered for some fights and decided to take it seriously last year. And kind of led to getting onto the bigger shows they have over here, and to win it as well - incredible feeling, Horrocks said.

"These guys , Barnseys (Coach Mark Barnes) has been in the gym with me every morning, - kicking the s*** out of pads and we do like 6x6 or 10x4, or whatever we do, we just go 100% all morning, and the cardio , sparring and strength and conditioning 3 times a week.

I’ve got real good trainers supporting real good training, I’ve got real Good support from my Nutrition sponsor Fit and Fed Food Club and Industrial Fitness has provided me with the strength and conditioning equipment.

And I’m absolutely over the moon - it’s a f*****incredible feeling. I was kind of like let’s see, I have fought at top level before in the past, and decided to see if I can do it again and I didn’t know how well it was going to go down but it went down pretty well. I finished the two guys, one in 2nd, one in the first and then had an absolute battle with (Kayne Conlan) who I consider the best Muay Thai fighter in New Zealand.

I said in an interview after the second fight, that i didn’t really care who was in final but i really was hoping for Kayne, I see him as the best fighter over here really so to step up and fight him, and we went an extra round and I kinda paid pay the price for this belt with my nose - but got the win so it’s an incredible feeling, I’m just over the moon.”

Coach Mark Barnes, Fight Science Queenstown on Horrocks win tonight:

“It's all him (Rob), he did all the hard work, coming into the gym for training all the time, and working with the team as one. We worked on it for 3 months and it's paid off.

Full fight night Results below:

Fight 1: Ben ‘Brawla’ Sisam vs Shem ‘Money’ Murdoch (W)

Shem ‘Money’ Murdoch from Dunedin Kickboxing gym wins via KO in round 1.

Fight 2: Jon ‘Hell Raiser’ Anderson vs Rob ‘El Hurto’ Horrocks (W)

Rob ‘El Hurto’ from Fight Science Queenstown Gym wins via TKO in round 2.

Fight 3: Yuri Mamic (W) vs Doug ‘Dynamite’ Higgins

Yuri Mamic from Urban Sport Gym wins via TKO in round 3.

Fight 4: Connar ‘Pretty Boy’ Wilson, Freestyle MMA Morrinsville vs Adam ‘Fancy’ Manisy (W)

Adam ‘Fancy’ Manisy from Alpla Muay Thai wins via KO in round 1.

Fight 5: Tony ‘Killa’ Jaggard, Mana Muay Thai vs Kayne ‘Insane’ Conlan (W)

Kayne ‘Insane’ Conlan from Strikeforce Gym wins via Majority decision.

Fight 6: Ayisha ‘Baby Mumble’ Abeid, Beyond Fitness vs Nyrene ‘Neutron Bomb’ Crowley, City Kickboxing.

After three rounds, the fight was a draw.

Fight 7: Winner Fight QF 1 vs Winner Fight QF 2

Rob ‘El Hurto’ Horrocks, Fight Science Queenstown (W) vs Yuri Mamic, Urban Sport Gym.

Rob Horrocks wins in Round 1 via TKO corner retirement.

Fight 8: Winner Fight QF 3 vs Winner Fight QF 4

Adam ‘Fancy’ Manisy, Alpha Muay Thai vs Kayne ‘Insane’ Conlan, Strikeforce Gym (W). Kayne Conlan wins after 3 rounds.

Fight 9: Diego Beneduzzi, from South Island Lee Gar vs Mike ‘Blood Diamond’ from City Kickboxing (W)

After 5 rounds, Mike ‘Blood Diamond’ became the new 79kg WKBF World Champion.

Fight 10: Winner Semi Final 1 vs Winner Semi Final 2

Rob ‘El Hurto’ Horrocks, Fight Science Queenstown (W) vs Kayne ‘Insane’ Conlan, Strikeforce Gym.

Rob ‘El Hurto’ Horrocks wins after 4 rounds and is the new Welterweight King.

King in the ring is founded, hosted and promoted by Jason and Arna Suttie, from Elite Thai Kickboxing Gym. To find out more about upcoming events and fight nights, follow King In the Ring on Instagram @kinginthering8man and “King in the Ring 8 Man Series” on Facebook.

Broadcasted live on TVNZ’s Duke channel, King in the Ring 68 III was brought to every NZers home for free, making the biggest fight promotion in the country, and combat sport accessible on mainstream television for the first time since 2004.

Written by Agent 33