No-nonsense Riddell shuts down Mullarkey

Brad “Quake” Riddell makes his UFC debut against Jamie Mullarkey, opening the night for City Kickboxing at UFC243. Riddell, originally from Christchurch and now based out of Auckland is regarded as one of the best kickboxers in Australasia with a six and one MMA record. Mullarkey is also making his debut, a strong striker known for his stoppages and definitely the more experienced wrestler of the two, Mullarkey will hope to take the fight to the mat where he can and avoid the dangerous striking of the man known as Quake.

The first round starts well with both fighters looking to stand and strike in the centre of the ring. Riddell’s kickboxing ability is already on display landing both low kicks and strong overhand rights as he comes off the better of the two debutants in the early exchanges. Mullarkey know’s that he’s losing the stand up battle and looks for double undercooks later in the round but Riddell’s takedown defence is as good as his striking defence and he quickly escapes and makes his way back to the centre of the ring. Mullarkey lands a solid left that cuts Riddell before the round ends but it looks like the first is Riddell’s.

Second round opens with Mullarkey immediately shooting for a successful takedown, this is what Mullarkey needs to start pulling this fight back. Riddell reverses and finds his way to his feet. Both fighters stand and strike momentarily before Mullarkey gets a second takedown. Riddell scrambles and ends up on top in side control, certainly not as experienced a wrestler as Mullarkey, it’s clear that Riddell has a significant strength advantage over the Australian. Back to their feet and Riddell is looking to get things back on track with a stand up fight. Mullarkey shoots and Riddell defends, he shoots again and Riddell reverses, now Riddell is on top and ready to land some vicious elbows from the mount. Mullarkey finally rolls Riddell for top position but is only able to land one decent elbow before the round is over.

Round 3 starts with both fighters looking to stand and strike, Mullarkey looks for a takedown and misses but now Riddell with the double leg takedown. They find their feet and now Riddell is doing some brutal damage to his opponent, Mullarkey looks hurt but he throws a big left hand counter of his own and sends Riddell stumbling to the mat, what a fight!! Mullarkey has Riddell’s back and he’s looking for the choke but he can’t get it, back on their feet and oh my god the brutality as Mullarkey eats lefts, rights, lefts in brutal succession from the kickboxing kiwi. Riddell looks fresh as he brutalises his opponent. Mullarkey’s ear looks ready to explode and Riddell falls backwards from shear exhaustion beating his opponent. He beats Mullarkey to the mat and continues to beat his opponent, with both fighters on their knees and throwing dangerously until the final bell.

Whaaat a fiiiight!!!! It’s unanimous… BRAD RIDDELL WINS BY UD, taking out his first UFC battle.

Judges cards have it 29 - 27, 30 - 26 and 30 -26.

Written by Jamie Patterson

Jamie Patterson is the Creative Director for New Zealand Fighter. Jamie has been involved with boxing and martial arts for most of his life. He boxed as a teenager and competed in point fighting whilst at University. As a photographer Jamie has taken pictures at some of the largest boxing and MMA events in the country in recent years. Jamie has been a professional writer working in advertising and television for almost a decade and brings a wealth of creative experience to the team.