Capital Punishment 46 - Saturday 23 February 2019

Photos courtesy of Jarrod Woodfield

As the summer began to wane on 2019, the first Capital Punishment event of the year took place in Te Rauparaha Arena in Porirua, with a stacked card of 15 fights delivering its share of technical battles and chaotic knockouts. New Zealand Fighter's Harry Greenfield was on the scene to bring you the breakdown of the action.

In the main event, Luke Vivian of Christchurch Muay Thai met Zen "Waffle" Neethling of MTI at 69kg under full Thai rules. In their first encounter, Neethling took a close decision. From the outset, the rematch was high activity, with Vivian marching forward throwing low kicks from either side and Neethling with teeps and jabs to keep the distance. When the range closed, the clinch battle was closely-fought, but as the fight progressed it was Neethling who began to control this element, with several sweeps and throws sending Vivian to the canvas. The 3rd round was the decider after they took 1 round apiece, with Neethling edging a razor-close fight to take a unanimous decision victory.

Absolute chaos ensued as Kapiti Thaiboxing's Damon Smith met Scorpion Thaiboxing's Shiloh Jenkins at 63kg. From the outset, Smith was hunting the kill, coming forward hard with savage punch combinations and leaping knees, unleashing a furious offence while Jenkins weathered the storm. In round 2 both men dealt damage, the left hook of Jenkins sending the reckless Smith down for an 8-count, with Smith gaining two 8-counts of his own in return. In round 3 Jenkins' nose was bloodied, he bit down on his mouthpiece and unloaded a brutal 2,3 chop combination, before again catching Smith with the left hook, scoring yet another knockdown and 8-count. On the restart, Smith was hungry for revenge and charged forth to unload a right hand from hell which clobbered Jenkins like he'd been hit by a cricket bat, faceplanting him to the canvas where he stayed well after the 8-count was over. A spectacular KO victory for Smith after a fight of the year contender.

Ajay Al Saeed of Kru Chain Muay Thai made short work of Kapiti Thaiboxing's Dan Robertson at 65kg, repeatedly targeting the left headkick, which crashed through the guard to send Robertson reeling to the canvas halfway through round 1, barely able to answer the 8-count. On the restart, Al Saeed was a demon, cutting through the defence of Robertson and blasting another two headkicks through the guard, the second of which wrapped around the head of Robertson and toppled him again to the canvas. Robertson's corner had seen enough and threw in the towel. TKO Al Saeed.

Strikeforce Auckland's Haamiora Parsons Grace improved his record to an impressive 10-2 with a 3rd round stoppage of MTI's Phil "Tito" Luke at 82kg. Grace looked composed, avoiding most of the heavy kicks of the thicker Luke while targeting the body with well-timed knees, the damage accumulating in the early rounds. This culminated in the 3rd as he clipped the chin of Luke with a beautiful right hand which dropped him to the canvas, prompting the MTI corner to throw in the towel to save him from further punishment.

MTI's Low Low stuck to the game plan in a dominant victory over Fight Science Queenstown's Adam Peatie at 70kg. Low repeatedly smashed the lead leg of Peatie with a slashing right leg kick, the damage accumulating early in the fight. From the 2nd round Peatie was limping and favouring his lead leg, with Low on the outside avoiding most damage and scoring with a glancing head kick on his way to a unanimous decision victory.

Corin Braddick of Oliver MMA shut down MAI Dojo's Liam McNamara over 3 rounds at 74kg. Braddick laid foundations early by battering the lead leg of McNamara with hard kicks. McNamara fought on the outside, firing straight punches and throwing knees when the distance closed. As the damage accumulated on the lead leg, McNamara's movement slowed, allowing Braddick to employ his game plan, keeping the pressure on and taking a unanimous decision victory.

MTI's Rosie "Spicy" Sandiford looked calm and composed as she picked apart Jade Fleetwood of the Fortitude Gym in a full Thai rules fight at 64kg. Sandiford utilised her superior reach, displaying a mastery of range control to outland Fleetwood on the outside, using the teep and straight punches to great effect to take a unanimous decision victory.

Lau'c Taualupe of MTI outworked Auckland MMA's Harley Walker at 85kg to take a unanimous decision win. Walker was the aggressor, stalking forward and using punches to set up his right leg kicks. Taualupe fought hard off the back foot, unleashing a storm of kicks which crashed into the guard of Walker, who avoided most clean shots but could not match the output of Taualupe.

Marc Solan (Fight Science QTWN) vs Dean Karu (MTI) was a close contest at 69kg. Karu had a hard-nosed style, keeping his chin tucked and unloading looping punches to counter the kicks of Solan, toughing it out to take the unanimous decision despite popping his shoulder out of its socket in round 3.

Boxing Fights

Khazmin Gough of Wellington boxing took a unanimous decision victory over tough competitor Kamila Leota of the Lion Pit in a boxing fight at 90kg, with superior timing, accuracy, and volume being the difference. Leota had heart and kept coming until the end, but Gough had crisper combinations, landing the right uppercut and left hook with frequency with tight defence avoiding return fire, scoring a pair of standing 8-counts and a clear victory.

Chris Owen of Wellington Boxing took on 10 Count Boxing's Monty Haenga in a boxing fight at 80kg. The Southpaw Owen took the centre early, pumping the jab and landing the straight left, with Haenga weaving to land the right hook in return. Ultimately the pressure of Owen was enough for him to be awarded the split decision victory.

MTI's Talei Aldiss took a decision victory over Tania Barnett of Fight Shop in a boxing fight at 62kg. Aldiss took the fight with ring control and greater output, both women keen to exchange in the pocket.

Novice Fights (Padded Shins)

Undisputed MMA's Chris Peachy imposed his will on MTI's Praveen Varghese at 64kg, repeatedly forcing him back and unloading heavy punch combinations, in each round forcing the referee to step in for a standing 8-count, before being awarded the TKO victory in round 3.

Jamiera Martis of Combat Room employed an aggressive style against MTI's Linda Srei at 51kg, storming forward with straight punches and greater volume to take a split decision victory.

MTI's Ling Ling met the aggressive southpaw punching style of Jordan Langley from He Toa Petone at 61kg, with hard right kicks earning him a split decision victory.

Written by Harry Greenfield

Harry Greenfield is New Zealand Fighter’s Executive Editor. Residing in Christchurch, he has a passion for combat sports, especially MMA, and is our man on the scene down south.

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