Eternal Glory still going strong with Alexi ‘Phet’ Serepisos

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One Championship - Eternal Glory - Istora Stadium - Jakarta - Indonesia

Its not how you start its how you finish!

On the 19th of January Istora Stadium, located right in the heart of the hustle and bustle of Senayan was to be the debut of the Greek kiwi muay thai sensation. An authentic yet hybrid and unpredictable style makes Alexi one of New Zealand’s hottest talents.

Truth be know his opponent surpassed Alexi ( 40-13 ) 3 fold in experience - Mongkolpetch Petchyindee tearing through the arena with a whooping ( 110- 40 ) with a record of losses that that tallied the win total for the kiwi it was always going to be a hard earned battle.

As the both fighters entered it was clear the 5-20 New Zealand supporters had mustered crowd support of a packed 5000 strong crowd and on their side. With local coach and knees of fury promoter Ethan Shepp and kingpin striking coach of Bali MMA - Mike Ikele, those in the know knew he was joined by the best of the best of Oceania Muay Thai and kickboxing.

What we witnessed next was a true class in muay thai, clinch , elbow and ring control elegance. For the purist this was art and modern day warfare of chess with dire consequences.

Although the kiwi was unable to bring it home Alexi went above and beyond the call of duty to prove that belongs and the only way he will be leaving is unconscious or on stretcher. At just 24 years and 1/5 of his way into a 6 fight contract his inspiring a nation of almost 5 million that kiwis can and will fly. Follow New Zealand Fighters journey as we bring you exclusive fight dates, upcoming fights and special highlights with the worlds largest MMA organization - One Championship.

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Full break down below -

3x3 Minute Rounds

4 oz MMA Gloves - Elbows, knees and clinch permitted.

Round 1 - Alexi starts strong with 2 unchecked low kicks followed by a left, right straight punch combination. The favour is returned from the Thai with 4 unchecked relentless low kicks. Another 1-2 punch combination forces Petchyindee to clinch up with 2 consecutive elbows that glance across the guard of Alexi. With RD one over Alex showed stronger hands although the unchecked low leg could could be taking their toll as the Thai looks composed and in control.

Round 2 - Alexi starts strong again with the hands, Petchyindee attempts the same yet does not seem to possess the same power and goes straight for the thai clinch. From here The thai shows his strength with 12 unanswered knees to the solar plexus and sides of rib cage. After a referee break Petchyindee comes rushing back again with a front right down and 2 downward elbows. With blood trickling down the face of Alexi after another clinch war both fighters throw a left / right at the same time connecting glove on dome.

After a quick check from the doctor they called to begin the action once again with 1 minute left in the 2 round. With continuous and cruel clinchwork from the Thai we end the round with a slight edge in the commentators eyes for the Thai.

Round 3

Alexi startng strong again with the hands yet the thai does not want a bar of it, a teep and quick tie and we are black in clinch action. Once the clinch is broken each time Alexi rushes forward Petchyindee punishes him with a left body kicks. As we draw down to the last 30 Alexi battles on and throws another 2 punches and attempts a flying knee to finish the round.

It was clear Alexi had the hands and aggression however take nothing away from who played a smart a safe game with total domination in clinch, ring craft in addition to the timing the left body kick whenever Alexi tried to close the distance.

Winner - Mongkolpetch Petchyindee - Unanimous Decision ( 141 -40 )

Catch Alexi ‘Phet’ Serepisos again in action April / May 2019. Details and fight TBC

Written by Isaac Savage

As a young lad, I marched into the dojo after only a couple of minutes I knew I had found my passion. As former fighter here in Aotearoa and abroad my expertise is from experience and the love of the game. I focus on stand up sports ( Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Boxing ) however I still have an insatiable addiction for MMA and anything in relation to Martial Arts.

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