Five in Five with Cameron Rowston

Born and bred Sydney , Cameron Rowston left home and paved his way via MMA training in 2013. Cameron had his first amateur fight a year later in April of 2014 and made his professional debut in November, 2016.

With a mixed record of over 15 + fights Cam is one to watch on the Oceania Scene.

Rowston first heard of CKB in 2015, when he was helping one of Israel Adesanya’s King in the Ring opponents (Kim Loudon) with some sparring. “ I then saw Kim get absolutely dismantled and started looking into Izzy more and Facebook stalking the gym.

When passing through Auckland for a holiday, Rowston went to CKB for the first time, after one weeks training he came back 3 months later for good.

He took time out to tell New Zealand Fighter about himself, shared his thoughts on combat sport, motivations, challenges and fighting competitively.

Having played guitar since nine years old and still to this day, it is also noticeable in how he likes his walkout music to sound, saying

“Walkout songs have to have 3 things: 1. be from the 80s 2. Have a catchy guitar riff 3. Be song most people have heard before or recognize. They don’t have to specifically know the artist or song name.”

Describe your motivation to compete competitively?

I decided to compete because I wasn't playing any sports anymore and I needed a way to stay motivated and keep consistently training, so when my old coach in Sydney asked me if I wanted to fight I said yes and also because I didn't wanna look like a pussy in front of the rest of the gym when he asked me lol.

Pre fight and post fight rituals?

Before a fight I like to get up early, do a light shake out session, eat a solid breakfast, nap, eat lunch and then 1 more nap before the fight lol. After a fight I like to have a long hot shower and then get some food, usually NY style pizza, nachos or a burger.

Given the global expose of MMA and CKB what impact have you seen from a fighters point of view?

The global exposure is good. More eyes = more opportunity and money for low level aspiring pros like myself. Provides more motivation and sense of purpose.

What do you think combat sport will be like in the next 5 years in NZ and globally?

In the next 5 years it will huge. I think we're going to see much more mainstream brands like Nike, Samsung, pepsi etc jump on board and start sponsoring promotions and individual athletes. I think the pay for fighters will also double. Looking at where the ufc was 5 years ago, its come a long way, and 5 years before that its come even further. In nz I think participation in martial arts will blow up and be on the level of rugby, netball, cricket and basketball

For someone starting out - what would you say to get them motivated and stay motivated?

My motivation was breaking the mould, I tolerated school and uni just so I could get "their" piece of paper for later in life if I ever needed it. But it was really about doing hard shit nobody else was doing, because everyone my age and who I grew up with was looking to set themselves up for a comfortable and easy life. Which is fine for some, but to me it seems unfulfilling and that was something I really wanted to avoid.

For a young fight fan who's pursuing this as a career, firstly do what you want to do and it doesn’t matter what others think or tell you how to live. Not everyone is destined for a 9-5 job, just like not everyone is destined to go into a cage in their underwear and fight. Everyone's different.

I'd also say it's okay to struggle at the start, be terrible and receive little help, it's meant to be hard. But if you can handle this the fighting will be easy and it makes winning much sweeter. The motivation really is the feeling after a win knowing that the struggle was worth it and no one else can take what you did away from you. I don't think there's many ways (if any at all) to achieve this high/level of satisfaction

Previously scheduled to fight on Shuriken Fight Series 8 event, which has been postponed, there is no doubt when the combat sport calendar readjusts and continues, Cameron, along with other athletes will carry on right where they left off.

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Written by Agent 33