Five in Five with Jason 'Psycho' Suttie

From middleweight to heavyweight - some would say this is just Psycho?

Yeah it was psycho. I was young n hungry thought I could take anyone. I did - Why ? Because I thought when I got world titles I’d get more fights , Nope they were scared so I went up in up out of my comfort zone to get fights and more money.

King in the Ring - the ultimate test , what are the keys to success to take this title?

Man you gotta train like no one that you know. You gotta train your brain even more. Don’t slip, relax your mind till you’ve won 3 fights. Slipping means getting too cocky, relaxing then feeling the pain when u still got work to do. Looking to the right then getting KO'd.

We recently saw you say you could come out for one more dance… ?

No more fights from me. I’m happy I’m grateful for the run I had. I didn’t get to my dream to fight which was the world Grand Prix in Japan, I chased it for 7 years and had a good fighting life style along the way.

Wim Hof - Ice Water meditation, how has this transformed your life?

So many benefits for everyone. As a fighter its a simple way to get the edge on your opponent in so many ways. A fighter that knows about this is a fool if they don’t use it.

You are the epitome of a warrior - what would you say to others who are following in this attitude of ‘Die Fighting’

Never ever give up. Never take no for an answer. Persevere! Revenge every loss you can to show that you’re the man and you never give up. Die fighting in all you do!

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Written by Isaac Savage

As a young lad, I marched into the dojo after only a couple of minutes I knew I had found my passion. As former fighter here in Aotearoa and abroad my expertise is from experience and the love of the game. I focus on stand up sports ( Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Boxing ) however I still have an insatiable addiction for MMA and anything in relation to Martial Arts.

People often ask what gets you out of bed in the morning?
Simply put it's my love of Martial Arts, nothing makes me happier than covering an event where two warriors put everything on the line and leave nothing for the road home!

If you have an upcoming event and would like it covered, by all means just give me a call.