Following the footsteps of many young kiwi men, John Brewin was an inspiring and talented rugby player. A well paid job, degree in the back pocket and ticking all those stereotypical life goals, However John felt like there was more to life.

As they say if you are not living on the edge you are taking up too much room and in true fighter fashion Brewin put the pedal to the metal on a full time MMA career. Fast forward 5 years he resides in beautiful Bali at the increasingly popular Bali MMA, under tutelage of pin point striking coach Mike Ikilei.

Having secured a contract with Brave CF and training with elite fighters from all sides of the globe - Brewin is the real deal and prime example of one man in complete control of his destiny.

Former rugby player now MMA- what’s causes more injuries and do you prefer an individual sport ?

1) I think it’s hard to say but it all depends on intensity. I’ve had knee surgeries as a result of both sports. I know for me, I never trained as much or as hard when I was playing rugby as I do now, so it makes sense that I deal with a few more injuries than when I was playing footy. 100% I prefer being in an individual sport but there’s a lot of sacrifice made on my behalf, my team mates, family, friends, girlfriend and coaches all make sacrifices that allow me to be successful, so in that sense its a team effort.

Tell us about Brave CF and what it means to you to fight for this organization?

2) BRAVE CF is a Bahrain based global MMA promotion, they have a great vision to grow the sport worldwide and I think they’re doing a great job considering they have only been operating for 2 years. This is the best promotion for me to be working with at this point, i have three more fights with them and I’m looking to take their 155lb belt and continue to grow as a martial artist. I’m still so young in my career it’s a perfect spot to be in.

If given that choice would you choose UFC or One Championship/ why?

3) At this stage my long-term goal is to mix it up with the best in the world. At this stage if you look at their rosters respectively, the UFC is the place to do that. With that said I’d love to fight in One where they have the new weight cutting protocols that I think will be adopted by other promotions moving forward and a growing talent pool from top to bottom. So, I guess I wouldn’t be able to choose unless i had a deal in front of me.

Mike Ikilei , Luke , Pun , Nai , Rocky , Ev Ting , Don Claus, Yasubi, Subba, Wallie , the Leone brothers ... can it get any harder in shark tank sparring / training ?

4) Maybe if they started landing their shots and takedowns :)

Where can we catch you next and what do you want to say to aspiring fighters !?

5) moving forward you will be able to watch Brave CF events free through their website which makes things much easier for everyone back at home.
One of my coaches Donnie has a saying - " the ones who are successful are those who stay focused the longest". For me that means staying on the path until the end. If you want to be a champion, it might take 5,10,15 years but the only way you will fall short is if you give up. I never thought I could live and train full time, I’m nowhere near reaching my goals in the sport and I won’t stop until I do.

Written by Isaac Savage

As a young lad, I marched into the dojo after only a couple of minutes I knew I had found my passion. As former fighter here in Aotearoa and abroad my expertise is from experience and the love of the game. I focus on stand up sports ( Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Boxing ) however I still have an insatiable addiction for MMA and anything in relation to Martial Arts.

People often ask what gets you out of bed in the morning?
Simply put it's my love of Martial Arts, nothing makes me happier than covering an event where two warriors put everything on the line and leave nothing for the road home!

If you have an upcoming event and would like it covered, by all means just give me a call.