Five in Five with Kieran 'Stonecutter' Joblin

Kieran Joblin fighting on BRACE 41 - Photo courtesy of Jamie Patterson

Kieran Joblin has been a rising star of South Island Mixed Martial Arts for some time now, after his 2016 headline battle with Greg “The Tarantula“ Atzori at Brace 41 was broadcast around the world on UFC fight Pass. With a record of 22-11 from professional bouts the 30 year old Cantabrian has put in the work to establish himself as a well touted journeyman, but the journey might finally be reaching its pinnacle with Joblin inking a deal to fight on ONE FC. Isaac Savage caught up with The StoneCutter for another edition of five-in-five.

Canterbury born and bred- tell us more about your iwi and where you are from ?

Kia ora e hoa Ko Kieran Joblin au Ko Maungapohatu te maunga Ko Tauranganui te awa Ko Rahiri rāua ko Tanatana ōku Marae Ko Ngāti Rere te Hāpu Ko Waimana Kāku te rohe Ko Mataatua te waka Ko Tūhoe whanui te iwi

Maungapohatu is my mountain Tauranganui is my river Rahiri and Tanatana are my marae Waimana Kāku is my area Mataatua is my waka and Tuhoe whanui are my people

Born and raised in Akaroa but now live in Ōtautahi. What got you started in this wild world of MMA and where you training now ?

I train out of South Island Lee Gar under Wayne Vaega and the Ōtautahi lost boys MMA team coached by Matt Cain and Dean Brewer and my Strength and Conditioning coach is Joel Bell aka Joel Rock hold haha.I got into MMA through my partners uncle who was running one of NZ'S first Cage fight shows "Cage warrior NZ " I was there helping set up and thought it was mean and wanted to give it crack and haven't looked back.

You have fought all around the world, describe one of craziest events you have been part of ?

Probably fighting for ACB and getting paid after the fights by some scary as Chechen dudes was pretty buzzy haha

How’s that cut, run us through fight week and what you love to do straight after a scrap ?

I'm enjoying the One Championship approach to weight cutting I'm doing the same as I would for a normal lightweight fight at 70kg just not having to so the brutal water cut is mean haha after I fight I like to hang with the whanau and hit up the Bakery!

It’s certainly been a journey , when you jumped on the plane to Sydney to getting that call from One Championship- tell us how it happened?

Yeah bro was a buzzy experience first u was applying for One warrior series then getting through that stage then trying out in Sydney thought I did ok there then had to wait to hear if I made it then got that email that i was in, then it was waiting to get a fight booked in and now we're almost at fight night can't wait to represent Aotearoa over in Singapore next week and show them what's up aye!

Catch Kieran ‘Stonecutter’ Joblin live this Thursday -

(Singapore ) 25.04.19 from 4.00pm the One Championship App -

Written by Isaac Savage

As a young lad, I marched into the dojo after only a couple of minutes I knew I had found my passion. As former fighter here in Aotearoa and abroad my expertise is from experience and the love of the game. I focus on stand up sports ( Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Boxing ) however I still have an insatiable addiction for MMA and anything in relation to Martial Arts.

People often ask what gets you out of bed in the morning?
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