Five in Five with Nort 'Assassin from Siam' Beauchamp

Rumour has it that boxing wasn’t your first pick - did you really fight Muay Thai first?

There a bit if truth to the rumours. I’m from a Big Muay Thai Family it runs in my blood. Trained it growing up had and went undefeated in my brief Kickboxing career. But fell in love with boxing after going undefeated in my first 8 fights. From the I just ran with it, the success kept coming I kept getting better and love where I’m at with my boxing.

The Assassin from Siam - where did the nic name come from

The Assassin from Siam! Siam is the ancient name of Thailand. The Siam Empire. I am extremely proud of my Thai heritage and the next reflects how I fight for my kingdom of Thailand.
I moved to New Zealand when I was just 2 and am a very proud and patriotic Kiwi too.

We are seeing you more and more in Auckland … surely its not for Taco Bell?

Auckland...Yes, I am blessed to be coached by the the mastermind of Eugene Bareman and the City Kickboxing team. I’ve been a part of the team since 2015. The environment, the people, the knowledge within CKB truly make it world class and such a family team culture. Combining the work I put in there and with the Champ Nation Boxing team. Special things, big things are coming.

Run us through the Joel Brunker fight and winning the IBO Strap!

The Joel Brunker fight. For me it was a chance to prove I belong in the top 15. He was a former Olympian, monster record 33-2 and ranked no.9 in the world. He had all the gold stars but I said put us in there man to man and I’ll show you what I can.
Me beating him in his own backyard, shocked everyone. But as Connor McGregor said. I’m not surprised mother#*#**s, haha. Claiming IBO belt against felt great. It was my third belt I won from Australia, I don’t think they like this little kiwi much, haha.

What does 2020 look like for you?

2020 will be a big year for Team Beauchamp. We have big goals. We’re big risk takers. We’re looking at the US. We’re looking to knock one of boxing’s giants off their pedestal and show we belong up the with the best in world. I try not reveal anything until it’s confirmed but get excited, get behind us. 2020’s gonna be a fun ride. Buckle up.

The Assassin from Siam

Written by Isaac Savage

As a young lad, I marched into the dojo after only a couple of minutes I knew I had found my passion. As former fighter here in Aotearoa and abroad my expertise is from experience and the love of the game. I focus on stand up sports ( Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Boxing ) however I still have an insatiable addiction for MMA and anything in relation to Martial Arts.

People often ask what gets you out of bed in the morning?
Simply put it's my love of Martial Arts, nothing makes me happier than covering an event where two warriors put everything on the line and leave nothing for the road home!

If you have an upcoming event and would like it covered, by all means just give me a call.