Q n A with Nick Randell - P3 Sports Management

What would you like to announce for your event? and how did the event come about?

Forget what you know about live boxing events and welcome to Friday Night Fights. Where boxing, entertainment and community meet.

Live from SkyCity theatre, guests will be treated to an event like no other. Theatre-style GA seating with unobscured views to the ring on stage. Live music performances and loads more between fights. We’re creating a 3 hour packaged fight night, full of entertainment that will help attract new fans to the sport we love. This is much more than just a night of boxing.

We recognise there is a gap in the market for a quality fight night series here in NZ. There are no promoters to date that have been able to successfully fill this space. We have all the talent in the world down under and these boxers deserve a regular platform to showcase their skills.

This is a multiple event series that will build and grow with each event. We are looking to change the negative connotations around boxing in this country. I’ve been around boxing in the UK the past 4 years and the sport is perceived much differently. NZ has been screaming out for an innovative, clean cut, authentic platform that ultimately benefits both the boxers and fans.

P3 Management is a relatively new company. Can you tell us who P3 Management is and what the company does?

P3 Management is a sports management and events company. We represent, develop and manage the careers of talented athletes helping fulfil their sporting potential. Set up by myself and business partner Jason Jacobs.

How did you get into boxing and what inspires you to do such a major event?

We are creating a meaningful product with partners that align with this vision. For this to be successful we understand that our events need to be more than just boxing, with a focus on the show, the entertainment, the experience and the development of all these parts. We are giving boxing a mainstream platform that will boost the exposure of our younger talent. In doing so attracting a younger, fresh, new and more engaged audience to the sport.

What is your aim in boxing? to manage a particular boxer, create a pathway for them to become world champion, or something else?

Our aim is to represent, develop and manage NZ boxers within the business, ultimately leading to their success on the world stage. We realise that talented boxers here lack the resources to help achieve this. We are committed to providing the highest level of professional support and services to our boxers, including promoting fights, career development, legal support, financial advice, media consultation, brand development and sponsorships.

We are looking to work with any talented fighters coming through that fit our P3 model. Athlete + Management = vision.

What is the long term plan for P3 Management?

We are developing a sports management and entertainment group that will go beyond boxing.

What would your ideal year be in terms of events Post Covid?

We’ve already had to postpone our September show until November 13th due to Covid. We have been restricted to one event this year but have pencilled in four dates in 2021 and will begin again in February. The key immediate focus for 2020 is to ensure the inaugural November event is successful.

Who are you wanting to work with or promote in the future?

Andrei Mikhailovich, Jerome Pampellone and David Nyika stand out as the most exciting prospects in the country personally.

What Fights are you excited for on your show?

This is a quality, competitive card from top to bottom. Andrei Mikhailovich at 12-0 continues his development, showcasing himself vs Marcus Heywood for the NZ Super Welterweight title. Andrei is the real deal, the ultimate showman that has an incredible story and skills to match.

We have no.8 ranked cruiserweight David Light defending his WBO Oriental title Lance 'Busta ' Bryant

In addition, Nort Beauchamp is testing himself against Richie Hadlow at a catch weight, a potential fight of the night candidate.

We have huge announcements for the rest of the card in the coming weeks. The show starts with two amatuer fights, showcasing our Olympic excellence featuring future stars Troy Garton and Jerome Pampellone.

How did you get sky involved?

I can’t remember the last decent fight night? NZ is hungry for it, so is Sky. We are all excited. This is going to be a boxing event like you’ve never seen before in this country. An innovative, quality production in a unique theatre style venue with competitive, action packed fights. Outside of Joseph Parker vs Junior Fa, this is the best boxing card you can put together in NZ given the current climate. We can’t wait to announce the remaining fights!

Where can we watch the event or buy tickets?


There is no booking fee with ticket purchases for the customer. P3 Management absorbs this fee that goes towards 'Educational Equity for Maori & Pasifika Learners' charity.

The event is broadcast live on Sky Sport, November 13th from 7pm.

Written by Benjamin Watt

Benjamin Watt is well known to all has one of the leading experts in New Zealand Boxing. He is a man of many jobs including, first openly gay boxing judge in the world, boxing writer, boxing promoter, boxrec editor, boxing commentator, Wikipedia editor and backstage event co-ordinator.

He has the nickname of "Mr Controversy" with his none filter comments he would usually make when being interviewed, on commentary or just peoples mixed feelings about him. However, despite this, he is one of New Zealand boxings biggest assets, one of New Zealand's best judges and have accomplished so much in this industry.

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