Furious Boxing and Kickboxing Action at Ultimate Rage 8

Saturday night saw the ABA come to life with a mixture of boxing and K1 kickboxing action taking place. Ultimate Rage 8 featured a dynamic rematch between Skope Siaosi and Jessie Nikora.

Devan Syme vs Denzel Brokkin
K1 Rules Kickboxing

Syme opens up well with string kicks to the body creating distance, although mid-round he’s tripped and finds the canvas. Both fighters start to bring more hand and leg combinations as the round progresses. Syme controls the fight well, moving Brokkin to the corner and landing a series of knees to his opponent's body to close off the first round.

The second round is underway and it’s a much closer bout with Brokkin coming forward more and looking to challenge the sturdy Syme, but late in the round he’s caught and rocked with Syme looking to once again take over.

Round three and Syme lands a strong knee to the chest early on and begins to swing wildly at his opponent's head. The referee intervenes to give Brokkin a standing count and it’s all over, waving his hands to signify the TKO victory.

Terrence “Machine Gun” Montgommery vs Mikaera “Shotgun” Povey
Professional Boxing

Early on and Terrence keeps Povey in the corners; Povey defends well but his ring position has him eating shots to the body from the former kickboxing champ. Machine Gun continues his control throughout the round and late in the first the Shotgun is already dropping his hands and wears a couple of heavy hooks to the head. A solid right hand signals the end of the round.

Round two and the Machine Gun is firing at will, looking to end this one early, but Povey fights back from the ropes and manages to create some distance and show that this fight won’t be won so easily. A heavy left from the Machine Gun to Povey’s body and the two fighters settle in, both looking to regain some stamina in the corners. Late in first and the Machine Gun is firing once again; bobbing, weaving and looking to land the haymaker that will end it all. Again he seems to be touching his opponent's head late in the round but it’s not quite enough and the bell sounds for the break.

Early in round three and again the Machine Gun finds his way through Povey’s guard, again and again landing shots to his opponent's face. There’s not much else to say about this round but there’s been a clear winner so far.

Round 4 and those hands of Povey’s must be getting heavy as he now opens himself up to even more punishment; sweat and spit rain across the canvas as Terrence continually lands heavier shots. Both fighters battle it out, swinging wildly as the round draws to a close. The atmosphere at the ABA is explosive, like a kettle ready to burst as the two opposing factions each scream for their champion. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner and it’s been obvious since the first round… Terrence “the Machine Gun” wins by unanimous decision.

Zak Keso vs Brandon Zielinski
K1 Rules Kickboxing

Round one opens and the Australian Zielinski quickly finds the mat with a strong kick to the body from Keso. He finds his feet but moments later a strong turning kick to the body sees him on the ground again. Back up and Zielinski looks to take a bit more control, landing a couple of heavy shots of this own. The two fighters clinch and look to throw each other before referee Victoria Nansen separates them. The fight continues with Zielinski landing a strong body kick to end the round.

Round 2 and both fighters open strong; leg kicks from the Aussie fighter are followed with a head kick that lands from the long Zak. Keso looks injured and Victoria Nansen calls time for low blows. The fight restarts and the two men go to war, continually finding themselves separated as they both look to clinch.

Round 3 and a takedown from the Australian is how we open, the two fighters find their feet and Zak's mouthguard is sent flying from his jaw. Again the fight resumes and two takedowns in quick succession slow the action, its a great fight but a fight fan could be forgiven for wanting to see these two stand and fight. Round 3 draws to a close and the judges' cards are handed in. It’s unanimous; Keso wins.

Steven Lacey vs Ben Hingels
K1 Rules Kickboxing

Both fighters exchange throughout the first with nobody really gaining control. Round 2 and Hingels looks to up the energy, controlling the centre of the ring and taking his opponent to the ropes, but late in the round he’s looking tired and it’s Lacey that takes control bringing Hingels to the ropes and landing heavy hands to his opponent's head. Round 2 comes to an end and Hingels looks exhausted, maybe having expended too much energy early in that round.

Round 3 begins and Hingels looks to use what little gas he has left in the tank to land strong teeps before switching to hands to keep his opponent guessing. Standing 8-count after a strong kick to the body from Hingels. Hingels continues to control the fight but Lacey isn’t out yet and fights hard, looking angry and hoping to hurt his opponent late. The bell sounds and an angry Lacey knows it’s not enough, refusing his opponent's offer of a handshake and spitting his guard angrily across the ring. UD for Hingels.

Mele Havili vs Violet Toalima Tasi
Heavyweight Women’s Corporate Boxing.

Round one and the girls barely touch each other, spending more energy running around the ring than actually throwing punches.

Round two and Violet follows her opponent around the ring like an angry stepmother. Neither one is looking to throw more than the occasional shot but Violet is certainly the aggressor with Mele only occasionally throwing countershots more defensively than anything.

Round 3 and Male actually throws a punch to start the round, and then another, and another… unfortunately none of them land but at least someone told her that there a boxing match going on… Violet has the strangest footwork of any fighter I’ve ever seen, stomping the ground as she occasionally throws a lazy left hand. I don’t know who won and I don’t care… Boxing was the loser today.

Jordan Maroroa vs Dempsey Wilkins
K1 Rules Kickboxing

A slow start as these two fighters come out with little more energy than the corporate fighters who preceded them. Round one ends with Wilkins hanging his foot in the air not even willing to finish the kick… this night has taken a turn.

Round two and Dempsey lands two kicks during the entire round… he apologised for the second.

Round 3 and these guys seem to have realised that they have a looooot of energy left. Now we have a fight. A strong headlock from Wilkins is followed by a series of heavy right hooks from Mororoa. An en

Mame Mahe vs Steven Senituli
Heavyweight Corporate Boxing

Apparently boxing lives, as this one opens with an explosive flurry from both fighters exchanging in the centre of the ring. Halfway through the round Senituli lands a brutal right hook to Mahe’s skull and John Conway gives him the standing 8-count. He looks hurt but Mahe shows guts and walks back into the fray, wearing a bunch more shots before the round closes.

Round 2 and it’s all over pretty quickly when another flurry from Senituli means Mahe can’t continue. KO win for Senituli.

Skope "the Entertainer" Siaosi vs Jessie Nikora.
Professional Boxing

The fight hasn’t even started and the Entertainer is already living up to his name with the purple ring thing leading him out to the squared circle. With his signature rose in his mouth, a cape on his back, and sporting a new haircut, hopefully all the flair will be matched by some skills to get him through this rematch.

Round one opens with the longer Jessie looking to find his range early, but Skope manages to close in tight as both fighters land strong shots to each other's heads and Jessie looks to come off the worse. They’re separated and one, two, three left hooks come from Skope: body, shoulder, head, and it does not look like fun in there for Jessie Nikora. Skope has clearly come looking for a different result tonight. Coming forward and looking for a heavy hook, Skope is caught on the counter and looks rocked but recovers well to continue dishing out punishment against his opponent. The two fighters exchange some choice words after the bell.

In between the rounds and the ring-girl is gone, replaced by the purple ring thing… if there’s one thing you can say about Skope, he lives up to his name.

Round two Skope Siaosi continues as the aggressor, while Jessie uses his superior length to land a few good shots, but some heavy hands from Siaosi leave Nikora looking less than entertained. Jessie continually looks to clinch and regain energy throughout the round and both fighters seem to give as well as they get in this round, with Jessie creating range and Skope coming in close to throw wildly. I notice in the break that the ring thing's underwear are visible through the purple suit.

Round three and the two fighters take centre ring. Nikora is warned by Conway - but for what I don’t know - and immediately after restarting, Skope lands a heavy shot to Jessie's head. Again both fighters seem to exchange well as they dig deep for energy in this round. Halfway through the round and Jessie is taking control; Skope is becoming less accurate as Jessie ups his own accuracy, Nikora seems to have found some energy from somewhere deep inside and this fight all of a sudden has the hallmarks of the last time these two fighters met. Even the ring thing looks tired.

Round four and both fighters know they need this round, a furious flurry ensues in the centre ring with both fighters looking to do damage. Now it’s Jessie who looks to be struggling for energy as he clinches and clinches and clinches again. Skope, however, seems to have enjoyed the break between rounds and is picking his punches better and bobbing and weaving to find control.

It's a split decision and Jessie Nikora again takes the victory.

Sarah Long vs Alrie Meleisea
Professional Boxing

Round one and in spite of her unconventional footwear it’s Alrie who seems to have the better footwork, moving quickly and controlling the fight well in the early stages. It’s a pretty uneventful round but a good execution by Meleisea.

Round two and that superior footwork from Alrie seems to remain the deciding factor in this fight. Sarah throws a lot of punches but fails to connect with many of them, eating a number of left jabs and low right hooks from Alrie throughout the round.

Round 3 opens with a much better exchange from both Long and Melereia, finally in this round Long manages to find the range and land some solid blows on her opponent but is it too late. Maybe. The judges score it a majority draw… I see Alrie’s trainer enraged, and maybe fairly so.

Written by Jamie Patterson

Jamie Patterson is the Creative Director for New Zealand Fighter. Jamie has been involved with boxing and martial arts for most of his life. He boxed as a teenager and competed in point fighting whilst at University. As a photographer Jamie has taken pictures at some of the largest boxing and MMA events in the country in recent years. Jamie has been a professional writer working in advertising and television for almost a decade and brings a wealth of creative experience to the team.