Geovana Peres Calls out Claressa Shields

WBO World Light Heavyweight Champion Geovana Peres has called out the Undisputed Unified World Middleweight Champion Claressa Shields on social media.

Geovana Peres has achieved her career goals in 2019 by becoming a World Champion and successfully defending that title. Now she has a new goal in mind and that is to take on Claressa Shields in a Super fight. It has always been Geovana ultimate goal to fight Sheilds, but now she has a World title of her own, she hopes to make that dream a reality, even if she had to go down in weight.

“Claressa Shields had responded before the Lani Vs Geovana WBO World title fight put on by (Rival Sports Promotions) that she would fight either of the winners. Well time is now, team Pere's wants the fight. Its 2020 let's make it happen.........”


Almost a year ago since Geovana vs Lani fight was announced with both women commenting that their aim was to take on Claressa Shields. Shields at first talked trash on Instagram in response to an article on “Women of Boxing” website saying:

“you silly as hell. I’ll go to 175 and smoke they ass no brainer, I’m just handling business at 160 right now, and I need to get something at 154, but 168 and 175 is no problem for me. I wonder where their big asses was at when I had two belts at 168??? I could barely find an opponent. That’s why I went down.”


Shields responding to:

Article about the response:

Shortly after this Mark Taffett from Shields team contacted another boxing website called “Womenboxing” or “Women Boxing Archive Network” giving a more PC response stating:

“It’s exciting to see these two champions – Geovana Peres and Lani Daniels – want to fight each other to prove who is best. Women’s boxing needs the best to fight the best in order to begin to achieve the recognition with fans and ultimately achieve equality with men’s boxing. I love their spirit and their understanding that to BE the best you have to BEAT the best, and that’s me.

So I applaud their desire to fight me in the future. I love challenges, and I respect any woman who wants to challenge me to prove her talent. Now, they are fighting at light heavyweight and I’m currently at middleweight and want to fight Hammer for undisputed, then I want to win a title in a third weight division at 154.

But you never know what happens, and especially if these two women can come down in weight I encourage them to have a great fight between themselves and then let’s see what the landscape is. Most importantly, they deserve great credit for wanting to fight the best fighters in the world, and we need more of that in the women’s game! I wish them the both the best in their fight, and I hope they give a performance that will have all boxing fans talking!”


Before and after Geovana vs Lani world title fight, Claressa went to twitter and showed support and congratulated Geovana on her win, but now has deleted her twitter account since.

Now that Geovana has put the message out there, it is now time to wait and see if Clarresa Shields either response or if any world title fight negotiations will happen after her Super-Welterweight fight on 10th of January

Photo Credit: Calden Scott Jamieson

Written by Benjamin Watt

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