Gunning for the KITR 75Kg Title - Terrence 'Machinegun' Montgomery

Multiple NZ and South Pacific title holder, combat sport athlete Terrence Montgomery trains out of City Lee Gar in Auckland, and holds a fight record of 21 wins and 5 losses. He fights some of the best fighters in the extremely competitive weight division for the Super MiddleWeight title at King in the Rings 8 man Eliminator event this Saturday

The Machine Gun took some time out for a quick Q n A with NZ Fighter about his training, coaches and shared his thoughts on combat sport in New Zealand.

How did you initially get into combat sport?

Had initially started kickboxing at Wild Stables for the league offseason and although I didn’t intend to compete for as long as I have, I’m grateful I stuck it out.

When did you have your first fight and who or what inspired you to compete?

First fight was in 2014 and it was more of a personal challenge to experience something new. Eventually I was inspired by the likes of Gokhan Saki, Nieky Holzken and Tyrone Spong. 

Your thoughts on training at City Lee Gar with Coach Lolo and Coach Tate.

Lolo has invaluable experience and I’m always eager to learn and soak up as much knowledge as I can from him. He’s been an inspiration throughout this fight-camp, and I know I’m honored that he’s been such a pillar leading up to KITR (King in the Ring). His thought process and strategies are meticulous, and I really appreciate the time and effort he puts into ensuring I understand his methods.

Tate is one of the most motivating voices in the gym, with endless bouts of support and an eye for detail that has been able to guide me to focus on fine tuning key skills. He’s just as hungry for me to learn and that’s kept me accountable and it’s been really encouraging too.

For you, what is the most rewarding part about being a fighter?

As much as fight day is what you prepare for, the lead up to that and the journey is the most rewarding part for me. You spend weeks working on yourself, building confidence and polishing your skills. It really goes to show what you’re able to accomplish when you’re determined, and I really appreciate that process. Getting to the end of your camp is an accomplishment in itself, everything else is a bonus. None of it would be as nearly enjoyable without the vast amount of support I’m always surrounded by though.

What are your thoughts on combat sport in New Zealand right now?

Kiwi fighters have been underestimated for a while now, but the talent moving up in the ranks speaks for itself. We work hard and we don’t wait for approval or applause, we just do it because we love it and the light that combat sport in New Zealand has always deserved is finally being shed. But its thanks to shows like KITR (King in the Ring) that is amplifying its growth, so I’m lucky to be a part of it all.

Watch Terrence “Machine Gun” Montgomery fight this Saturday at the stadium, or on King in the Rings Website, which will be the first major combat sport event to take place in New Zealand since the lockdown.

Eventfinda Stadium - Auckland New Zealand



Written by Agent 33