Izu Ugonoh Makes Successful MMA Debut

KSW 54 went down today (Sun., Aug 30) in Warsaw, Poland, with Joseph Parker's former sparring partner Izu Ugonoh, making his MMA debut.

The 33-year-old faced off against France's Quentin Domingos in a heavyweight bout, which served as the evening's co-main event. In Domingos, Ugonoh was taking on a fighter with a 5-1 MMA record. The former WBO African Heavyweight Champion had been training alongside the UFC's Jan Błachowicz in the leadup to his MMA debut and cut a confident-looking figure as the opening round began.

Unfortunately for fans for Ugonoh did not get much of a chance to showcase his talents after an injured Domingos waved off the contest with just over a minute gone on the clock. Ugonoh landed a pair of thundering leg kicks which soon had Domingos in real pain. The Frenchman came off second best during a brief but violent ground exchange which saw Ugonoh throwing down some heavy bombs, and following this called for the bout to be stopped as he clutched the back of his leg.

Ugonoh did show that his time in KSW will be well worth watching for those who enjoy seeing hard-hitting heavyweights throwing down, and hopefully, his next outing will last a little longer in the cage.

Written by Michael Clifton