Junior Fa: I know that he is keen to fight. I am keen to fight.

The slow waltz to a contract signing between the teams representing Junior Fa (19-0, 10 K0s) and Joseph Parker (27-2 21 KOs) continues to be played out in front of the New Zealand sporting public.

On the most recent edition of the Fight Club Podcast, Fa spoke to Newshub's Brad Lewis and sounded confident that an agreement would be reached between the two ranked heavyweights.

"Heck yeah, I want that fight...there are a lot of different things going on with this and that, but knowing Joseph, I know that he is keen to fight. I am keen to fight. We just can't wait for it to happen, it's just the other stuff that's going on as well, " Fa said.

"Now that we're pro and there is money involved, it just changes the game completely, so that part is a bit frustrating but I trust my team. I think that's what separates the amateurs from the pros is that we definitely can make a lot of money, we just need people there to make the most for us as well.

"I know that both teams are working towards that. They're just trying to make the most money, save the most money. I think that we are definitely going to come to an agreement. It just depends on if we're just willing to work things out."

Fa spoke about being somewhat amused by the current situation, given that only two years ago, Parker's trainer Kevin Barry, when questioned by NZ media following Parker's win over Alexander Flores, was dismissive about a showdown between the two local rivals.

"They were just talking down at me for a long time, but now they need me. They wouldn't be making all this noise if they could go somewhere else and make that money. They need me, which is basically why they are making a whole bunch of noise. It's funny how the tables have turned. I'm just like laughing I definitely know we will come to an agreement. I can't wait to face his team."

Fa and Parker famously shared the ring four times as amateurs, earning two wins apiece. However, according to Fa, the official results don't necessarily reflect the reality of how the fights played out.

"I know, and he knows that I beat him four times but like we said this happened a long time ago, can you take too much away from it? Not too much, but I know that it beats in his head that he knows that I got his number.

"So with that brings a lot of confidence for me, probably brings a bit of doubt to him, I know he will dust it off, and his team will talk him up but back in his head, I know he knows that I got him," Fa said.

"I don't know if it's worth talking about because it was so long ago, but I definitely know that it will play in his head," he added.

A lot of negotiating between the two sides still needs to take place before people can start getting excited about the prospect of Fa and Parker sharing the ring. Yet, as long both sides keep talking, there is hope a contest between the two will eventuate in the near future.

Written by Michael Clifton