Luke Jumeau defeated by Dhiego Lima in Melbourne

Despite rallying late, Jumeau was beaten by the more active and accurate fighter at UFC 243 today. Dhiego Lima took a split decision victory after a leg kick-heavy performance in Melbourne.

Luke Jumeau made a big step up in competition as he took on Dhiego Lima at welterweight. Lima is the brother of former Bellator Welterweight Champion Douglas Lima, and was riding a two-fight win streak coming into today's fight. Jumeau was 2-1 in the UFC before this fight (13-4 MMA), and is now 2-2 after today's defeat.

Round 1.

Jumeau takes the centre, Lima the taller fighter feinting on the outside. Lima jab parried. Lima again with the low jab, Jumeau with a low kick. Lima pushing into centre ring, pawing with his jab. Another leg kick lands for Jumeau 1 minute in. Calf kick for Lima. Another. They're still measuring each other at 2 minutes in, neither willing to stay in the pocket. Lima briefly switches to southpaw but then back to orthodox, lands another calf kick. Jumeau with a leg kick of his own. Lima rips the body and gets eye-poked. Referee Marc Goddard separates the fighters. On the restart, Lima takes the centre. Glances a leg kick. Jumeau swinging with an overhand, lands a leg kick but Lima replies with another calf kick. Jumeau dodges the next calf kick. Jumeau advancing behind a punch combination, Lima whiffs another calf kick. 30 seconds to go and Jumeau holds the centre for the remainder of the round. 10-9 Lima due to leg kick damage.

Round 2.

Low jabs from Lima answered by punches upstairs from Jumeau. Lima lands another calf ikick sending Jumerau to the canvas briefly. Lima catches the l;eg and trips Jumeau into a takedown, into the guard. Jumaeu takes the overhooks, but Lima postures up to unload; Jumeau gets back to his feet in the opening. Jumeau in the centre again with Lima feinting on the outside. Jumeau unloads a combination but again Lima catches the kick and threatens the takedown. They scrable and Jumeau is against the fence with Lima in his face with a right underhook. Lima knees and Jumeau uses it to separate and circle off the cage. They meet in the centre, Lima whiffs a big left hook. They exchange, and Jumeau is holding the centre again with Lima circling on the outside. Both still unwilling to stay in the pocket and brawl. Lima whiffs another calf kick and Jumeau returns fire. Lima lands a calf kick and Jumeau is clearly bothered by it, switching stances briefly. Hmaeu launches forward with a wild flurry and both men eat punches on the chin. Lima grabs a body lock and drags Jumeau down to the canvas. Jumeau gets back to his feet at the close of the round. 10-9 Lima.

Round 3.

Jumaeu in the centre again, Lima with yet another calf kick and avoids the counter shots. A body kick from Jumeau is countered by a Lima body kick. Lima still trying for that calf kickl; glances another. Jumeau surely knows he's behind and will be looking for the big shot. They trade jabs, Jumeau advancing, Lima cicling out. Nice straight reight lands for Lima. Another leg kick. Jumeau with a headkick attempt but its blocked. Lima seems relaced, while Jumeau throws with urgency. Another calf kick lands for Lima and again they are into the clinch. Lima with a left underhook and Jumeau against the fence trying to fight the hands. A brief high crotch attempt by Lima and they separate. Jumeau stalking Lima on the restart, throwing heavy hands but Lima countering swiftly after. 1-2 into the guard for Jumeau, he switches to southpoaw and unloads a 4-piece combo with Lima backing up. Lima times a takedown entry but Jumeau defends perfectly, using an underhook to separate and throw his hands. Hard leg kick lands for Jumeau, he pursues the circling Lima. 1-2-leg kick combo for Jumeau. 10-9 Jumeau.

Result: Dhiego Lima defeats Luke Jumeau by split decision. 28-29, 29-28, 29-28

Written by Harry Greenfield

Harry Greenfield is New Zealand Fighter’s Executive Editor. Residing in Christchurch, he has a passion for combat sports, especially MMA, and is our man on the scene down south.

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