Marcus 'The Headache' Heywood KO's Johnny Singh

One year a ago Marcus 'The Headache' Heywood made his professional debut against Gunnar Jackson. With more experience and battles with Jerome Pascua and Shay Brock ( draw ) Heywood decided to go international and step in with Fijian's own Jonny Singh.

The fight began with the two boxers feeling each other out. However, as soon as Marcus landed heavy clean hooks, Johnny went into immediate defensive mode. Marcus went straight for the kill until the referee stepped in to stop the fight. Heywood making short work of Singh via TKO 2 minutes and 12
seconds in the first round.

Zane Hopman (7-3-0) took on Indian boxer Harman Singh (debutant) with one of the dirtiest fights of the night. There was controversy leading into the fight as the Indian trainer tried to sign off the wraps themselves without the referee doing it. It also was noted that the trainer tried to put tape on the knuckles as well.

Additional tactics involved Singh's laces on the gloves were fully exposed with very limited tape. Generally, boxers gloves are supposed to have their laces tapped as it could be used as a tactic to cut the opponent.

Zane Hopman clearly won every round of the fight with him knocking Harman Singh down at least once. To add to earlier tactics Singh landed at least three low blows, with the referee giving Zane two 5 minute breaks due to the low blows. Harman Singh attempted to use the laces to his advantage, landing 5 shots with the lace part of the glove but Zane was not affected by it. Zane did get frustrated throughout the fight with Harman Singh dirty fighting style but he took control of the entire fight. All three judges scored the fight 60 - 54 with Zane Hopman winning by UD.

Australasian Champion Joshua Francis (7-1-1) took on undefeated Indian boxer Ranjeet Singh (3-0-0). Again this boxer trainer tried to sign off his wraps without the referee and had his laces exposed as well. In saying that this boxer only attempted the lace punch once in the first round. To Ranjeet Singh credit he knew how to take and give a punch. This was a challenging fight for Joshua as Ranjeet Singh had a good chin.

Joshua managed to knock down Ranjeet Singh in the first round but Ranjeet managed to get up and continue with the fight. The second round was a closer round Joshua edged it. Throughout the rest of the fight, both boxers had their moments landing head clean punches. However, Joshua mostly controlled the fight winning almost every round.

The last round was evenly contested with Ranjeet Singh slightly edging it. The judges scored 59 - 54 (x2) & 57 - 55 all to the winner by Unanimous decision Joshua Francis.

Joshua Francis and Marcus Heywood are expected to fight again on Shane Cameron's Counterpunch Fightnight on May the 23rd at Eventfinda Stadium.

Written by Benjamin Watt

Benjamin Watt first got interested in boxing when he watched his first bout in 2000, where David Tua fought Lennox Lewis and ever since then he was hooked. Since 2014, he had become the editor for New Zealand and Pacific of Boxrec (The independent computerized rankings website and records keeping).

In 2015 he became a Boxing judge, making him the first openly gay man to have ever judge a professional boxing bout in the World. Recently he has been writing for international boxing websites including World Boxing News, Boxing Scene and Scoop NZ. Benjamin has also recently started a new project with Wikipedia, to produce more Wiki articles on New Zealand Boxing history.

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