New Zealand Fighters always punching above their weight

Lets start with the NZ vs NZ fight in Western Australia which took place on Friday night 6th March. Floyd Masson vs Lance Bryant. Lance Bryant came into the fight as the aggressive brawler and didn’t want to go technical he just wanted to fight. It was brutal and Floyd wasted no time in hitting hard fast and last. Floyd Masson ended up knocking Lance down twice. The second time Lance just couldn’t recover, ending the fight by TKO.

Floyd Masson defeated Lance Bryant 1st round TKO.

On Saturday night in Melbourne 7th March. two New Zealanders fought on the same card. The first fight was a professional debuting boxer Jack Gipp taking on Joshua Hatherly. Gipp is a highly credentialed amateur boxer, representing Australia at the World Amateur championships. Hard nosed Cantabrian and always bringing the biff, Josh put up a good fight was beaten on points.

Jack Gipp defeating Joshua Hatherly by Unanimous Decision.

The second New Zealander on the card was Tyson Turner taking on Australian Lachlan Higgins for the historical Australasian title. The fight was apparently a close fight as it lasted the full 8 rounds. However, Tyson Turner won the bout by Split Decision becoming the 3rd current Australasian champion, the other two being Joshua Francis and Tania Reid.

Tyson Turner defeating Lachlan Higgins by Split decision becoming Australasian Super Middleweight champion.

Patrick Mailata was scheduled to fight in the USA against American Vaughn Parham. Apparently Patrick Mailata pulled out of the fight to fly back to New Zealand and try to qualify for the Olympics.

Some would ask why would a Professional boxer to attempt to compete at the Olympics? To add even more to the controversy to the situation was the fact that the Asia/Oceania qualifiers are already taking place.

The only way for Patrick to qualify for the Olympics is for him to compete and win at the Paris World Olympic Qualifiers, however, it is not confirmed if he will be selected or how many can be picked for New Zealand’s Quota (if New Zealand even gets a quota). It is a big risk for a pro fight to drop a fight in hopes for a slim chance at the Olympics, especially with some organisations suspending professional boxers after attempting to go to the Olympics to a maximum term of 2 years.

Olympic glory can lead to bigger pay days and leverage when competing on the world stage, others would say why? When you you climb the ladder the good ole fashioned way. Stay tuned as we catch up with Patrick Mailata in the following weeks.

Written by Benjamin Watt

Benjamin Watt is well known to all has one of the leading experts in New Zealand Boxing. He is a man of many jobs including, first openly gay boxing judge in the world, boxing writer, boxing promoter, boxrec editor, boxing commentator, Wikipedia editor and backstage event co-ordinator.

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