One more day to go Parker vs Chisora, Chisora Pull out?

We are just a day away from Parker vs Chisora and already some entertainment has already happened. The weigh-in is officially done but there is some drama already happening.

After Weigh-in was done, a coin toss happened to see if will be the second person to walk out during the ring walks. This is important because generally, the second person is either the Champion, higher-ranked, or superior boxer. Chisora claims he wasn't aware of such a coin toss and didn't attend. Now he claims that if he does not enter the ring second he will pull out of the fight.

There is no word at the moment what Parker and his team will do, especially since he won the coin toss. A similar thing happened between Jeff Horn and Tim Tszyu where the Champion Tim Tszyu was supposed to come out, but Jeff Horn refused to come out of the changing room till Tim was in the ring. Tim with his head up high became the better man and just did his ring walk, however, Tim did the cheeky thing by delaying the fight because of it.

This has actually happened in Parker's career in the past back when he was being called Baby boy Parker. You guessed it, Frans Botha said he would refuse to go into the ring unless Joseph Parker did his ring walk first. However, that was back in 2013 and Parker only had 5 fights at that point.

Now Parker is a former WBO World champion and is ranked 3rd in the WBO. Chisora is in his home country so that could also argue him being the second walkout.

One thing is for sure was yesterday's face-off at the press conference. You can see on the above video from 12:49 that these two started getting a bit intamiate, and began to slow dance.

If the fight does end up going ahead, the winner will receive the vacant WBO Inter-Continental Heavyweight Title. This, aside from his world title, will be the biggest regional or international title that Parker would win if he wins the title. Of course, the title is second to the WBO World title itself.

There are plenty of ways to watch the fight. You can go to your local sports bar. You can hang out with mates and watch it with them. But if you want to be the host of the party or watch it at home alone, you can watch it on Spark Sports. If you didn't order the event yesterday, you would have missed out on the early bird discount. But not to worry you can still order it on PPV for $49.99.

Written by Benjamin Watt

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