Reed and Nansen victorious at Warriors Way 24

Baby Nansen and Dominic Reed defeated their opponents at Warriors Way 24 in Melbourne last Saturday night. New Zealand team-mates Sam Hill, Joey Baylon, and Nikora Lee-Kingi all lost their bouts narrowly to seasoned opponents. This meant that Team New Zealand lost the team championship 3-2 in a closely-matched contest.

Baby Nansen def. Jacinta Paskalidis via unanimous decision

Baby Nansen came out victorious after a 3-round firefight with top Australian prospect Jacinta Paskalidis. Nansen had heavy hands, putting a pace on Paskalidis who returned fire with kicks on the outside. The hand speed of Nansen was the decider, as she beat Paskalidis to the punch and pressed the action on her way to a clear unanimous decision victory.

Dominic Reed def. Anthony Papaz by split decision

Dominic '108' Reed overcame the tough Anthony Papaz over 3 rounds. After a slow start in round 1, Reed took the fight to Papaz following the advice of his cornerman, with much better results. In the third, Reed poured on the pressure, looking for the knockdown, but over-exerted himself and was tagged with a few good shots in return. A close fight and a split decision victory for Dominic Reed.

Alexi Petroulias def. Sam Hill via unanimous decision

Sam 'the Shank' Hill lost a close decision to slick Muay Thai stylist Alexi Petroulias in the main event. Hill fought a heartily, bringing the fight to Petroulias, who used his range well, peppering leg kicks and body kicks from the outside. When the distance closed, it was Petroulias who got off first, throwing elbows before breaking and angling off to fight on the outside again. A close fight but a clear unanimous decision for Alexi Petroulias.

Kaolanlek def. Nikora Lee-Kinga via split decision

Nikora Lee-Kingi lost a split decision to Kaolanlek with some controversy attached to it. Kaolanlek employed mostly high kicks and trips, with Lee-Kingi pressing the action and throwing in volume, cracking Kaolanlek with a right hand which staggered him. Wobbled, Kaolanlek held on to the clinch and swept Lee-Kingi to the canvas, taking his time to get up and killing time to recover his wits. In the second round, Lee-Kingi split his opponent open under the eye with a well-timed elbow on a clinch-break. In round 3 Lee-Kingi controlled the action unloading punch combinations, with Kaolanlek using probing kicks to keep him at bay. 2 out of 3 of the judges deemed that Kaolanlek had done enough to take the win.

Gen Hongthong Lek def. Joey Baylon via unanimous decision

Joey Baylon came up short in his fight against Muay Thai veteran Gen Hongthong Lek. The experienced Gen shut down Baylon's offence on his way to a clear decision victory.

Written by Harry Greenfield

Harry Greenfield is New Zealand Fighter’s Executive Editor. Residing in Christchurch, he has a passion for combat sports, especially MMA, and is our man on the scene down south.

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