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Free Fight: Ev Ting vs. Daichi Abe

Check out this cracker of a fight between Ev Ting and Daichi Abe

Free Fight: John Brewin vs. Maciek Gierszewsk

Checkout Brewin's bout with Poland's Maciek Gierszewsk

Behind The Gloves: Jahnis “The Maori Shinobi” Bowden

NZ Fighter had the chance to get to know CKB's Jahnis Bowden

Free Fight: NZ's John Brewin vs. Cian Cowley

Checkout Kiwi lightweight John Brewin taking on Ireland's Cian Cowley

Five in Five with Cameron Rowston

Born and bred Sydney , Cameron Rowston left home and paved his way via MMA training in 2013. Cameron had his first amateur fight a year later in April of 2014 and made his professional debut in November, 2016.

Five in Five with Jason 'Psycho' Suttie

The epitome of fighting, Jason Suttie represents everything of a modern day warrior. Read on as we catch up with six time world champion across multiple weight categories and founder of the inaugural 'King in the Ring' founder.