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The plan is to get NZ to sit up and take notice of the current champions, the champions in‐the‐making and the champions‐to‐be in our own backyard, by celebrating their successes, exploring the issues and delving into the challenges within the world of fighting sports.

This includes promoting a healthy lifestyle and encouraging youth to become involved in all the positive and competitive aspects that the fighting sports community has to offer.

Supported and managed by a team of the finest Kiwi photographers, writers, web‐savvy media managers and fight‐show hungry editors, we serve up a feast of fascinating features, up‐to‐date news, atmospheric show reviews, informative health & fitness articles and stunningly‐rendered photo galleries ‐ but we don't stop there. We are also significantly involved in a multitude of gyms around the country in an effort to help create a unified martial arts community. This is encouraged through our online gym profiles, discussions and every form of media at our disposal.

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