Amateur Muay Thai Fighters Vie for NZ Team Placing

New Zealand WMC, IFMA MuayThai Nationals Championships, August, 2010

Starting at nine in the morning, the bell for the NZ WMC, IFMA MuayThai National Championship kept ringing until four o'clock, when a break was called and fighters were allowed to take a rest from the series of bouts. With some Muay Thai boxers fighting up to three bouts during the day, it was a well-needed rest before the best among them returned at 7pm to lay down a challenge in the final ten matches. And secure a place in the NZ team hitting Thai shores this November 27th to December 5 for the World Amateur Championships.

High pressure matches, and a small but dedicated crowd, were there to meet them under the Auckland Boxing Association's bright show lights. Coming from as far away as Napier, Featherston and Wairoa, the assembled fighters were treating the event with the utmost seriousness: those that were knocked down, bounced back again, and those that were bleeding, mopped it up and went on.

Flying elbows, hammer kicks, wild crushing knees, and huge looping hay-makers were thrown in earnest as each fighter made the best of their chance at the top and didn't give any ground. As the dust settled and the blood dried after the final bout, it was a small, select group of nine that wore the proud smiles of NZ champions-to-be; NZ's amateur Muay Thai medal hopes resting on weary, bruised shoulders. 

Day Time - Fight Results by Ashleigh Ahipene

Kirk Davis WON by unanimous decision VS Brodie Rigby

Willie Rewi WON by unanimous decision VS Sam Hill

Tyrone WON by split decision VS Niko Rigby 

Vernon Taylor WON by unanimous decision VS Daniel Ross

Jacob Farmer WON by unanimous decision VS Paulie keil

Hayden Todd WON by unanimous decision VS James Gordan

Stephen Pipe WON by unanimous decision VS Rob Davis

Willie Reni WON by unanimous decision VSIsaac Matthews


Victoria Nansen VS Shelley McBride 

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