Brad ‘Quake’ Riddell Shakes up Sky City

Brad ‘Quake’ Riddell Shakes up Sky City

Photos by Boshi Wang

Photos by Boshi Wang

City Lee Gar Promotions & WLF - China vs New Zealand

ASB Stadium - Saturday 14th May 2016 - New Zealand (7) China (3)

In customary fashion Sifu Phillip Lam co-ordinated the perfect recipe for destruction, devastation and savagery that pushed each and every fighter beyond boiling point!

Taking his second fight within one week, Brad “Quake” Riddell stepped up and unleashed a formidable power punching and shatterproof style that lead him to an expedition of a split decision.

Although the score sits at 7-3 to New Zealand, the WLF Chinese Team and enthusiastic fight fan base showcased a first-hand level of skill, experience and tenacity that sent tremors through the hearts of kiwi fight fans!

Iain Clegg ( City Kickboxing ) vs Jayden Tualevao (South Auckland Lee Gar )

Fight 1 - 3x2 min rounds - Heavyweight Curtain Raiser 100KG

Iain Clegg resembled a Spartan from 300 as proceeded to demo through the brave Jayden Tualevao. This was all over in just under a minute as Clegg pegged his way to a frightening and no holds barred KO.

Winner = Iain Clegg (City Kickboxing) RD 1 KO

Hone Snowdon (SMAC) vs Tyson Turner  (South Auckland Lee Gar)

Fight 2 - 3x2 min rounds - 75KG

This was a battle for South Auckland bragging rights as both highly skilled fighters put on a tick for tack battle.

Hone placed power shots and pressed with heavy uppercuts and knees.

Tyson Turner’s relentless pace and counter shots from edged him forward in what left no one envious of the judges seats in a true chess kickboxing battle.

Winner = Tyson Turner(South Auckland Lee Gar) Unanimous

Jeffrey Kelly ( Strikeforce ) vs Tyler Harrison ( City Lee Gar )

Fight 3 - 3x2 min rounds - 65KG

One for the purists at Full thai rules, elbows, full clinch were the norm. Tyler’s ruthless walk forward style wasn’t enough for the slick movement and cheeky odd uppercut elbows. Another barn burner of a fight that in any moment could have gone either way with both warriors throwing leather.

Winner =  Jeffery Kelly ( Strikeforce) Unanimous

Zikai Li ( China ) vs Brook Sutton ( Balmoral Lee Gar )

Fight 4 - 3x3 min rounds - 73KG

Zikai Li took out round 1 with clean, powerful hands. RD 2 the baby faced assassin Brook turned up the heat with teep and combos which left Li flying into the ropes.

RD 3 sealed the deal with a beautifully timed liver shot that crushed & crumbled Zikai as he sunk to the canvas unable to continue.

Winner=  Brook Sutton ( Balmoral Lee Gar ) RD 3 TKO Liver Shot

Rong Shou ( China ) vs Chris Wells ( Grizzly Thai Boxing )

Fight 5 - 3x3 min rounds - 61KG

Looking similar to Andy Souwer Chris the Butcher boy Wells was sporting skin like pants. With a new found style Wells brought punch to the party. Rong Shou ended the round strong with a spinning back fist that sent Wells through the ropes. This fight had it all with multiple knock downs in the 2nd and 3rd the crowd went bonkers

Jumping out of their seats, banging on tables screaming support in mandarin, Cantonese and the odd cha hoo from kiwi fans who were outnumbered by the Chinese locals.

Winner= Chris Wells ( Grizzly Thai Boxing ) Unanimous

Ziqiang Xiong ( China ) vs Harley Love ( City Lee Gar )

International Middleweight Title - Fight 6 - 3x3 min rounds - 70KG

Crowd favourite and hometown hero Harley Love dominated round 1 & 2 inflicting damage on the leading left leg of Xiong. The height advantage from Love did not faze or intimidate Xiong as he battled a back in RD 3 making use of his ring craft, landing heavy hand combination shots. Constant pressure and a dominating performance from Harley Love!

Winner = Harley Love ( City Lee Gar ) Unanimous

Ying Jin ( China ) vs Kanye Conlan ( Strikeforce )

Fight 7 - 3x3 min rounds - 64KG

Another showstopper of bout with both warriors displaying the phenomenal talent between China & NZ.

Ying Jin although the shorter utilised his range landing and tagging Conlan in the opening round. Conlan capitalised on his reach in Rd 2 with a clinical switch knee, followed by a left kick then sweep. Rd 3 was an all-out war with Ying Jin landing the heavier shots

Winner = Ying Jin ( China ) Unanimous

Kailin Ren ( China ) vs Michelle Preston ( ETK )

International Women’s Bantamweight Title - Fight 8 - 3x3 min rounds - 52.5KG

Kickboxing and boxing icon Michelle ‘Pressure’ Preston once again lived up to her name constantly applying the pressure and landing power shots that ripped throughthe guard of Ren.

Kailin Ren managed to sweep and dump Preston and pushed forward in the third and final with dominant teeps. The pressure and use of ring with the power punches from Preston ensured a case closed victor.

Winner = Michelle Preston ( ETK ) Unanimous

Sen Yang ( China ) vs Joey Baylon ( ETK )

MMA - Fight 9 - 3x5 min rounds - 63KG

With only 24 hours’ notice, Joey Baylon lived up to true ETK style jumping in for his first MMA bout. Both initially standing Sen sensed it wasn’t a good idea to stand and bang and swiftly took Baylon to the ground. From here Sen work half guard, then lifted his lift shin across the thighs of Baylon working toward a full mount, Baylon hung on and with shots being fired with no result Sen moved to take Baylons back ending the fight with a RNC.

Winner = Sen Yang ( China ) RD 1 Rear naked choke

Yawei Chen ( China ) vs Carlos Hicks ( House of Pain )

Fight 10 - 3x3 min rounds - 80KG

The flying Fijian ran out in typical style to the house of pain theme song “jump”.

As quick as he ran in he was back out with a devastating right hand, landing the big

Kibosh there was no coming back for Chen as he dropped like a sack of spuds.

Winner = Carlos Hicks ( House of Pain ) RD1 KO

Qiang Guo ( China ) vs Slav ‘Scarface’ Alexeichik ( City Lee Gar )

International Super Cruiserweight Title - 3x3 min rounds - Fight 11 - 87KG

Qiang Guo came out strong, hard and fast rocking Slav in the opening round.

From here Guo pounced and capitalised on his opportunity, unleashing overhand rights and a final body shot that resulted in RD 1 KO.

Winner = Qiang Guo ( China ) KO RD1Body shot

Tiantian Cong ( China ) vs Carlos Ulberg ( Balmoral Lee Gar )

Super Heavyweight - 3x3 min rounds - Fight 12

Tiantian the heavier of the 2 enforced his weight and walk forward style towards Carlos. Carlos honed in his speed and striking skills to use Cong as a human piñata until experienced and expert referee called of the fight deciding enough was enough.  

Winner = Carlos Ulberg ( Balmoral Lee Gar ) TKO 3 Referee Stoppage

Photos by Boshi Wang

Photos by Boshi Wang

Sihun Wu ( China ) vs Brad ‘Quake’ Riddell ( City Lee Gar )

International Super Middleweight Title - 3x3 min rounds - Fight 13 - 75 KG

In what can only be described as stylistic blood bath, both fighters pushed their bodies and the crowd to tipping point.

Sihun Wu utilised his reach, speed and dangerous knees to push Quake to the brink. Wu’s speed was superior allowing him to occasionally catch Riddell on the chin. Riddell’s punishing leading left kicks, powerful placement of double body shots and walk forward no nonsense style was clinical in edging forward in one of the most enthralling fights of the night.

Winner = Brad ‘Quake’ Riddell ( City Lee Gar ) Split Decision

Rivalry fight finally confirmed in New Zealand

Rivalry fight finally confirmed in New Zealand

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