Capital Punishment 37 - Baylon vs Kittichai

Capital Punishment 37 - Baylon vs Kittichai

Photo by Silver Duck

Normally when you have fights of this magnitude you wonder will this live up to the hype? Well on Saturday night, it not only exceeded the hype, it blew the freak’n roof off Te Rauparaha Arena!!

Main Event:


We were lucky to witness not only one of the best in New Zealand, but also one of the best in Thailand go five rounds. Each man came in with their weapons sharpened, and they showed us why they are the best. In the early rounds, they tried to read each other’s rhythm and then came the attempted head kick by Baylon, just whizzing by Pettawee’s head. Baylon attempted a spinning back fist but Pettawee turned it around into a thunderous sweep. Both men turned up the intensity, Pettawee was able to land a nice body blow that dropped Baylon to his knees but just as you’re thinking is this it? No, Baylon rose up like the champion he is and got back to fighting. Baylon adapted and mixed in elbows, but Pettawee timed a perfect sweep with a head lock in the corner.

The later rounds saw Baylon attempt to sweep Pettawee but his balance was too good, and then comes the teeps from Pettawee as Baylon tries to get on the inside. Baylon goes for an amazing spinning head kick but Pettawee just gets out of the way of getting decapitated. The last round seems to show they are having fun and the audience is all cheering. Pettawee caught Baylon on the ropes and almost kneed him as he was down. The ref has to take a point deduction, both men still eager to carry on the fight but the bell rings and each man gave respect to one another. Pettawee won by unanimous decision. I remember seeing Pattawee’s strong clinch game in his previous fights, and he showed us tonight that he can do it all when it comes to Muay Thai. Baylon is still one of the best in New Zealand, he showed true resilience, adapted well by varying his attacks and he never stopped to take the pedal off the gas.


This was Kaysey and Ramona first Pro Boxing Debut. As soon as they touched gloves it was a back and forward affair with both having the reach, they committed to working off the jabs and straight cross. Ramona does well by finding her distance, just darting back as she finishes her combination. Kaysey does well to circle away and come back with her own punches. As the round ends, its too close on the scorecard, so it makes sense to call it a Draw.


Photos by Silver Duck

Byron Williams has one hell of a double leg and able to take down Bernie, but Bernie’s jujitsu game was too good by throwing up submissions after submission from the bottom. Both man found success in the stand up but Byron was able to take Bernie to the ground after catching the body kick. It was not until the third round that Bernie, perhaps down on the scorecard, attempts a kimura from guard. Byron defends it only to be countered off the kimura sweep. Bernie got the mount and rained down punches, he got the arm and went for a tight arm bar forcing Byron to tap. Winner by Submission: a hard earned victory to Bernie Johnson.


Lock up the china because the boys are at it again! Luke and Steve brought the house down with this performance and both men must have chins of granite. Each man was willing to give one to take one. It was blood and violence in its highest display of combat. By the third round Luke had eaten bombs by Steve like tic tacs, and Steve ate some knees from Luke. It was close but there can be only one winner and that was Luke by unanimous decision.

Josh Lay-Robertson Vs Hitro Robinson, it was a tight collision where each man found success in the clinch. Josh delivered a huge slam to Hitro, and good uppercuts landed by Hitro to close out the fight. Winner by unanimous decision: Josh Lay-Robertson

Quintin Wyatt showed he was too much to handle tonight against Tamati Cunningham. Quintin was relentless with leg kicks. Tamati found some success when he got some distance but the pressure of Quintin was too much. In the third round they stopped the fight. Winner by TKO: Quintin Wyatt.  

We had some good corporate boxing by Elliot Sharp, who looked to be the busier of the two with more volume thrown but when Monty Haenga threw he landed some nice clean punches. This came down to the wire too. Split decision to Monty Haenga.

Another great battle was Craig Marshall Hughes fighting Jason Gascoigne. Craig was like a wolverine, coming forward and is finding success with some huge overhands, but in the third round he gets caught coming in with a well-timed straight by Jason. Fight goes the distance and ends with Jason getting the split decision, slightly edging the win over Craig.

Joe Long worked well closing the distance on Kerry Foster. Kerry finds success with his long head kicks, but it was Joe’s persistence and leg kicks that wore Kerry down for the count close to the end of the third round. Winner by unanimous decision- Joe Long.

Matt Penny showed true grit as he took everything David Ryan could give for three rounds. David was relentless with non-stop barrage of punches in bunches. Unanimous decision goes to David Ryan.

Keiran Cullen showed great kicks landing a good spinning body kick on Shaun Pritchard. Shaun is a Spartan thou and lands good front kicks to the face and nice uppercuts. It was great action. Shaun Pritchard wins by unanimous decision.

NOVICE FIGHTS: They’re all winners here. Each fights experience whether good or bad will help build their skill set and allow them to identify any mistakes they have made. Looking forward to seeing how they progress in the future.

Aisyah Nt Vs Sarah Amy Jones
Hine Funaki Vs Kerri Sullivan
Angus Dunn Vs Leslie Taylor
Shaun Jones Vs Kim Scott
Ants Adriaan Vs Dion Manson.

In retrospect, we are curious to see who the next opponent Pettawee wants to take on and how Joey rebounds from the lost.  Also which one of these rising stars from the undercard will headline their next event?

Every fighter who stepped foot in the ring that night whether they are professionals or novice was a star. They have travelled far and wide, left their body and soul exposed to the world. There may be many reasons on why they fight but one of them is definitely to perform to us, the audience. As an audience, we should give our highest respect and applaud their efforts. KO Promotions/ MTI have built a strong show over the years. The level of fighters and the event itself is always rising. Don’t take my word for it thou, come watch a live show for yourself. 

Gyms that competed on the night:
Lion Pit - Wellington
Pitbull Thai Taranaki
Combat room - Wellington
Strikeforce Leegar – Christchurch
Scorpion Thaiboxing – Palmerston North
FTA Porirua
ETK Auckland
Lockdown MMA - Wellington
10 Count Boxing -
ROA –Porirua
Kapiti Thaiboxing
KST Timaru
The Fight Shop – Palmerston North
Featherston Thaiboxing
Wellington Boxing

Photos by Silver Duck

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