City Kickboxing Fight Night Results

City Kickboxing held a wicked “Fight Night” last Saturday night, March 13, 2010.

The gym was packed and the hospitality high class and professional, offering good food and drinks for the crowd and crew.

There were a number of impressive, top quality local fighters, both novice and amateur that showcased an awesome display of kickboxing skills that entertained and amazed many present.

We look forward to the next City Kickboxing event!

Fight results as follows:


Hori Bellass [City kickboxing] WON VS Omar Anapapa Gabriel [JOHANS GYM]


Alex Daly [City kickboxing] WON VS Mark 4 Cortina [PATHAI]

Dan West [THE ZONE] WON VS Steve Matthews [City kickboxing]

Rachel Cohen [City kickboxing] WON VS Joe Lefroth [PUMA]

MMA B-Class

Jason Walker [DOUGLAS SANTOS MMA] WON VS Delrae Robati [MMA]


Jacob Strickland [City kickboxing] VS Tamati Toloa [BEYOND] DRAW

Jason Adjani [City kickboxing] VS Carwin Chase [PUMA] DRAW

Mike Bloods [City kickboxing] VS Byron Bareman [City kickboxing] DRAW

Sam Parker [City kickboxing] VS Tim Brent [City kickboxing] DRAW

Adam [City kickboxing] VS Wilman Rodriguez [BALMORAL LEE GAR] DRAW

Israel Adesanya [City kickboxing] VS Shawn Harris [PUMA] DRAW

Attitude Adjustment Fight Results

Attitude Adjustment Fight Results