David Tua and Friday Ahunanya undercard Fight interviews

David Tua and Friday Ahunanya undercard Fight interviews

As we were waiting in the media room, we had the opportunity to briefly interview some of the undercard fighters as they passed through.

Interview with Bronwyn Wylie who won by split decision against Christina Tai in the Lightweight female bout.

NZF: Hi Bronwyn.

BW: Hi, how’s it going?

NZF: Good. How was your fight?

BW: It was good. It was tough. Christina’s a really tough opponent. Got a lot of respect for her, so I think it was hard for her having a change of opponent at such short notice. Basically she got told the day of the weigh-in that she wasn’t fighting Layla McCarter anymore, that they had found me to fight her, so I think that was difficult for her as she would have been concentrating on preparing for a different opponent. So a lot of respect for her. When I got the call on Monday night I was like...well yep, I’ve got nothing to lose....so I may as well get in there and have some fun.

NZF: So being a New Zealand Kick Boxing champion, and coming into the boxing arena, how has that been for you as a fighter?

BW: I think I am weary of...It’s quite a different movement pattern actually, and they are really quite different sports. Of course it’s still fighting, but the movement patterns are quite different so I am definitely more a kick boxer than I would say a boxer, but it’s nice to have just one thing to concentrate on. It’s nice to just let your hands go and not have to worry about a kick coming or a knee coming, so it makes it a bit different.

NZF: Do you think you will do any more boxing fights?

BW: If the opportunity comes up. A fight’s a fight. I enjoy fighting so I tend to take opportunities as they come along. Depending on the timing...this one worked out quite well for us, as I am fighting in three weeks on the 23rd April against Bay Bee Nansen (SMACK Gym). We are fighting for her WMC Title, so this was quite good timing for me. It’s a good length of time away from the fight; a bit of a build-up.

NZF: So you had been training already for a fight and were basically ready to fight tonight?

BW: Yes, but I do phase my training. I wasn’t tapered, and I am in a different phase of my training, but we just cut the training down basically on Tuesday (laughing). So...yeh...it went well.

NZF: Where are you planning to go from here?

BW: Well...obviously the fight with Bay Bee on the 23rd of April. I’d really like to just take things one step at a time. And then go with the guidance and advice I get from Jason Suttie & Chris Martin and just take it from there.

NZF: Well congratulations on your fight. It was awesome. So good luck.
BW: Thank you

Interview with Jameson Bostic who won by unanimous decision in the Cruiserweight bout against Oscar Siale.

NZF: You won your fight.

JB: Yes I did.

NZF: How did you feel?

JB: A little rusty, a little flat, still smart and experienced though.

NZF: Was this a good fight for you?

JB: Yeh it was a good fight, got some experience, got some rounds in and gave me something to think about.

NZF: You have been training hard for this fight?

JB: I trained (laughing).

NZF: What’s next?

JB: I don’t now...I’m open for a world title, or maybe come back down here.
Whatever comes our way. New Zealand is pretty much our second home, so I’m looken to be back here May or June for another fight.

NZF: Who is your trainer?

JB: Craig Thomson.

NZF: You have been with him for a while?

JB: We have been working together for about a year now.

NZF: That’s working out for you?

JB: It’s been fantastic. I got six fights down here this year.

NZF: What’s your next fight?

JB: Whatever we can get.

NZF: And you’re ready for it.

JB: Yeh whatever, I am ready for it. This is what I do full time. I’ve been doing it for 10 years.

NZF: Any advice to the young people wanting to get into the ring?

JB: Train hard, stay focussed. Leave the women alone, leave the food alone and do a lot of miles.

NZF: Great, thanks.

Interview with Robert Berrdige who fought in the Light Heavyweight division (6 x 3min rounds) winning by TKO in round 3 against Areta Gilbert.

NZF: So you won your fight

RB: Yeh..

NZF: How was it?

RB: Yeh it was really good. I just wanted to get in there and get it over and done with.

NZF: Any highlights for you?

RB: Definitely being here is one of them and fighting in front of all these people. During the fight, that left hook with my left hand, and dropping him the first time. That stick in my mind for a little bit.

NZF: How were you feeling in the build-up to the fight?

RB: Oh man, training went so well, thanks to Vasco Kovacevic and Shaneo Poulton, and my gym Robbust Fitness and LA muscle supplements for helping me out.

NZF: What was your training like?

RB: Intense training two, three times a day. Sparring three times a week. A lot of hard work I put into it.

NZF: Have you been with Vasco for long?

RB: We got together about two months ago. From there we have been practicing my head movement. I have always had the power, so now I just have to concentrate on boxing.

NZF: Have you always been a boxer?

RB: Yeh...for six years I’ve been doing it.

NZF: When was your first fight?

RB: In 2005 and then I went pro about a year and a half after that.

NZF: So what next?

RB: Another fight, probably as soon as possible. Hopefully in the near future. Just to keep it going.

NZF: Where do you see yourself going with the sport?

RB: I’d like to go the whole way, preferably in the States. That’s just the dream at the moment, but who knows.

NZF: What would you say to the new fighters out there.

RB: Just that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication and if you want to succeed you have to put in the hard work, and then you’ll get the rewards out of it. Just like me tonight, I’m stoked.

NZF: Awesome thanks and good luck.

Interview with Heavyweight Clarence Tillman III who won by split decision against Leamy Tato.

NZF: How are you going?

CT: I’m doing fine.

NZF: How was your fight?

CT: The fight was OK. I just boxed cause I did a lot of work in the gym. I could have knocked him out, but I’d rather get a win than a knockout. A win is a win. So, like I said it was boxing him out. I just boxed him. I was trying to stay away from him. He was kind of strong. So I didn’t want to be careless.

NZF: How was it to fight a shorter opponent?

CT: Most people I fight are shorter than I am, so I am kind of used to it. It’s just a matter of time until I catch him.

NZF: What next?

CT: I have two more fights here. When I go back to the states, I’m gonna fight some more. I’m gonna try to get here once more this year, probably in August or September. I’m doing four more fights. This year I want to build my recognition, and next year just go get em.

NZF: Where are you fighting next?

CT: At a promotion in Otara. So I’m gonna stay focussed and get ready for that. I’m fighting in Australia also so I gotta get two wins. Hopefully knock-outs. But if not, a win is a win.

NZF: How are you feeling now, good?

CT: Yeh I’m feeling real good. I’m gonna take a shower and get ready for the after party.

NZF: Thanks for that.

CT: No problem.

Interview with John Conway

Interview with John Conway

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