David Tua vs Friday Ahunanya Full Coverage and Results

David Tua vs Friday Ahunanya Full Coverage and Results

The long awaited clash of the heavyweights, David “Tuamanator” Tua and Friday “The 13th” Ahunanya has finally arrived. NZFighter are here live at Trusts Stadium, Waitakere, to witness this awesome battle, claimed to be the heavyweight fight of the year.

Over the next five hours, we will be bringing you live updates of the fights as they happen, giving you the results as they are called by the judges of the night.

Ring announcer: LT Dan Hannessey

Fight Results:


Bronwyn Wylie (61.2kgs) [ETK-NZ] VS Christina "Tenacious" Tai (59.5kgs) [Tai Bro.s NZ]
Lightweight contest, 4 x 2 minute rounds

- Split decision: WON Bronwyn Wylie

The stadium is packing out, with the ringside tables filled with hot ladies and smart looking guys dressed to kill. The food and wine is flowing, as the crowd gets noisier and hungry for the fights.

There is plenty of whistling and cheering for the sexy ring girls, and the security is tight, keeping an eye on the spectators.

Jameson Bostic (84.4kgs) [USA] VS Oscar Siale (84.2kgs) [NZ]
Cruiserweight contest, 6 x 3 minute rounds

- Unanimous decision: Won Jameson Bostic

Areta Gilbert (83kgs) [NZ] VS Robert Berridge (79.8kgs) [NZ]
Cruiserweight contest, 6 x 3 minute rounds

- Robert Berrdige WON by TKO in round 3

Crowd is going wild for the hard hitting fighters. You can feel the excitement in the air as the arena heats up.

The arena is officially sold out, as the band Smashproof gets into the ring to perform, entertaining the crowd with their great sounds.

In the final break before the last international undercard fight, the Tua vs Cameron fight is showing on the big screen, hyping up the audience for the big fight of the evening.

Clarence Tillman (130.2kgs) [USA] VS Leamy Tato (108.9kgs) [NZ]
Heavyweight contest, 4 x 3 minute rounds

- Clarence Tillman III won by split decision

NZFighter are catching the fighters as they come in to the media room after their fights. Check out the interviews tomorrow.


Brett Smith (102.9kgs) [AUS] VS Isreal Carlos Garcia (118kgs) [USA]
Heavyweight contest, 8 x 3 minute rounds

- Israel Garcia WON 43 seconds into the 3rd round due to disqualification

Big golden gloves signed by David Tua and Friday Ahunanya just went up for auction. The first glove went for $3300.00, and the second went for $2700.00. They have to be the most expensive gloves of the year!


David Tua (108.7kgs) [NZ] VS Friday Ahunanya (104.1) [USA]
Heavyweight contest, 12 x 3 minute rounds
Referee: Garry Dean
Winner takes the WBO Asia Pacific heavyweight title and the WBO Oriental heavyweight title

David “Tuamanator” Tua (Red) WON VS Friday “The 13th” Ahunanya (Blue)

Crowds been going crazy. 12 rounds of quality boxing! Waiting for the results...

- Won by unanimous decision: David Tua

Brilliant night filled with fantastic fights. A first class event for Duco Events.

David Tua and Friday Ahunanya undercard Fight interviews

David Tua and Friday Ahunanya undercard Fight interviews

David Tua & Friday Ahunanya’s weigh-in at Sky City Casino