Davor Delivers - 92 KG Super Cruiser weight KING!

Davor Delivers - 92 KG Super Cruiser weight KING!

What started out as a childhood dream has become a reality for newly crowned King in the Ring Super Cruiser-weight champion Davor Matarugic. Over 7 rounds facing multiple styles Davor was victorious and in the words of Monty Betham never in dark waters.

Composure, power and a sense of invincibility drove Davor to the top in one of the worlds toughest combat sport competitions.

In the words of the champ himself he thanked his gyms City kickboxing , Goodfellas, training partners and partner. Its a selfish sport and for 3-6 months this is all I have done, I live for this Ill fight anyone!

In the first run of the gauntlet Davor squared off against Canterbury hard-man Geordie Bateman from Multi Martial arts. Although Bateman was wild and dangerous, Davour was elusive and used his reach well to land thunderous right headkick KO in round 2.

Photo by Calden Jamieson Photography

Photo by Calden Jamieson Photography

Consequently in the qualifier to the final Davor was squared up against James 'Kyokushin Kid' Eades another hot favorite to win Eades coming off a devastating KO of Ziggy Croft via a knee earlier. What started out as cautionary feeling out process turned into a world war 3 in round 2.Punching power and accuracy sent James Eades to the canvas in round 2.

Facing off against relatively new comer but not lacking in durability and mental fortitude was the Fou ' FABULOUS' Ah-Lam. Fabulous in previous bouts had managed to survive the South Auckland slugger Jordan Mararoa and scrapped through a very close bout with City Kickboxing star Ash Solly.

Mere mortals would have quit a long time ago, with ribs looking like mincemeat Mr Fabulous lived up to his name coming forward in the hope he might catch a lucky shot. Davor looking the fresher of the two untilised 1,2 punch combinations followed with a lower left leg kicks which racked up the points and immobilized Fou's range and movement.

Fight of the night went to Joey 'filipino' Kid ( ETK ) vs Ben Thompson ( Physical Fitness ) with the WKBF World Lightweight Champion strap on the line. Round one was almost over as quick as it started with Joey landing a left bodykick to the right side dropping Ben. In true ozzie style the boy from Cooma gained a small New Zealand following in what was described from by NZ muay thai champion Richie Hardcore as one of the best fights he had seen in a loooooong time.

Double knock downs, headkicks, lethal punch combinations this was one not only for the purists but anyone with a pulse & loves a good scrap!

City Kickboxing trainer Eugene Bareman squared off again Beau 'Ruthless' Rawiri for the first ever MMA Super fight on a King in the Ring card. Resembling Conor Mcgregor with shorts and hair to match Beau came in with crisp punches that connected on Bareman. The Evil Genius Eugene Bareman displayed a slick display of jujitsu working hard to maintain position and work between half guard, side mount and the occasional full mount. When in half guard and side mount he peppered elbows and punches that takes the Evil Genius up to this 49th fight.

Middleweight Super fight saw formed KITR Champion Slick Vic, Victor Mechov & Hayden 'Tat North' Todd fight rematch. Opposed to the last KITR final, this time the two were fresh. Tat North a Muay thai purist fueled with a very rage and aggression versus a Russian machine who dosent know the meaning of quit. Over 3 very quick rounds these two through everything but the kitchen sink Vic with powerful body shots and uppercuts and Tat North teeps following by left right body shots and hooks. Unfortunately this was a majority draw. Slick Vic also announced his retirement post fight interview.. Unfinished business or chapter closed we will have to wait and see.

Will we see the super sayian from Cooma Ben Thompson grace our shores again?!

Will the evil Genius crack half century five O fight number 50 on the next show?!

Who will take home Asia Pacific bragging rights in the next installment of New Zealand’s premier kickboxing show?

Catch us next time at King In The Ring in Auckland, New Zealand 2017

Full Results

Fight 1 - Curtain Raiser ( 8 man reserve bout )

Sigi Pesaleli ( SMAC ) Unanimous vs Taylor Matthews ( Oliver MMA )

Fight 2 - 8 Man Qualifier 1

Davor Matarugic ( CKB ) TKO RD 2 via headkick vs Geordie 'Gorilla' Bateman ( Multi Martial Arts )

Fight 3 - 8 Man Qualifier 2

Jamie 'Kyokushin Kid' Eades ( ETK Northshore ) TKO RD 2 via knee vs Ziggy Croft ( City Lee Gar )

Fight 4 - 8 Man Qualifier 3

Tussi ' Niuean Assassin' Asafo ( Grizzly Thai Boxing ) vs Ash Solly ( CKB ) TKO RD 2 via flying knee

Fight 5 - 8 Man Qualifier 4

Fou ' Fabulous' Ah-Lam ( ETK ) Unanimous vs Jordan 'Le Sifi' Maroroa

Fight 6 - Super Middleweight Fight

Hayden 'Tat North' Todd ( Strikeforce) vs Victor 'Slick Vic' Mechkov ( ETK HQ ) - Majority DRAW

Fight 7 - MMA Superfight

Beau 'Ruthless' Rawiri ( Strikeforce) vs Eugene 'Evil Genius' Bareman ( CKB ) - Unanimous

Fight 8 - 8 Man Semi Final 1

Davor Matarugic ( CKB ) winner TKO RD 2 vs Jamie 'Kyokushin Kid' Eades ( ETK Northshore )

Fight 9 - 8 Man Semi Final 2

Ash Solly ( CKB ) vs Fou ' Fabulous' Ah-Lam ( ETK ) Unanimous

Fight 10 - Middleweight Super Fight

Chris ' Cobra' Eades ( ETK Northshore ) Unanimous vs Blood Diamond ( CKB )

Fight 11 - Lightweight World Title Super Fight WKBF

Joey 'Filipino Kid' Baylon ( ETK ) Unanimous vs Ben Thompson ( Physical Fitness )

Fight 12 - 8 Man Final

Davor Matarugic ( CKB ) vs Fou ' Fabulous' Ah-Lam ( ETK )

Winner = Davor Matarugic 92kg KING IN RING CHAMPION

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Boxrec updates their rating system

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