Guo pick up titles at Rise of Heroes 7

Guo pick up titles at Rise of Heroes 7

Hen Wenbao overcame an 11cm height disadvantage and took the fight to Harley Love for three hard rounds, walking away with a majority judges nod in a tough action filled fight to headline Rise of Heroes 7: China vs New Zealand at the ASB Stadium in Auckland on Saturday.

The event was part of the kickboxing arm of Chinese promotion Glory of Heroes which began in October of last year under the World League of Fighting banner.

This would be the second time the promotion had been held offshore, with the Chinese team travelling to Switzerland to face a European contingent in November.

Hosted by City Lee Gar, New Zealand’s oldest Thai Boxing gym, the event featured four MMA fights for the first time in its history to compliment the eight international kickboxing bouts between Chinese and New Zealand opposition.

Hen, fighting for the second time in the promotion after winning his debut by knockout, walked away with a title with in a 70kg fight.

Love attempted to control the distance early with his long limbs however a brawl erupted as Wenbao was able to work his way inside. 

Relishing the exchanges the gutsy Love bit down on his mouthpiece to fire hard punches and kicks to seemingly dominate much of the early action of the round. 

The Chinese kickboxer came out firing in the second round, doing great work to the body and outpacing Love before a knee momentarily changed momentum.

The final stanza saw Hen continue his charge and appear to get the better of the exchanges with Love, who fought hard inside in an effort that saw both leave everything in the ring.

Guo Qiang banged up Sigi Pesaleli’s leg for three rounds before the referee was forced to step in, gaining the WLF South Pacific Cruiserweight strap and handing his opponent their first professional loss in the co-main event.

Both started the fight cautiously however Pesaleli’s power became more evident while Guo went to work with chopping leg kicks.

These had begun to mount by the second stanza as Guo scored a knock down in the second from a leg kick and buckled his opponent with the same later in the round.

By the third and final round Pesaleli had changed stances to save his battered limb and was having success making it a brawl in close range before finding himself on the canvas from another leg kick.

With Pesaleli’s leg now beat up Guo found his range and trapped Pesaleli in the corner with the incoming flak forcing an end to the fight.

With the win, Guo goes to 4-3 in the promotion and picks up his 3rd knockout.

China’s Gong Yanli won a wide unanimous decision over Selena Small as the owner of 15 knockouts in 41 wins blasted her opponent with hard punches to the head and kicks to the body, scoring a knockdown off a gigantic left hook in the opening bracket.

Small stood stern from for the rest of the fight and had some success with controlling the distance as Gong began to fade in the final round.

New Zealand’s Nyrene Crowley (4-0) used her more rounded ground game to submit Wang-Xue with a rear naked choke in the second round in a mixed martial arts contest.

Both fighters traded early with the visiting fighter appearing to shade the initial exchanges before Crowley took down her opponent and dominated the rest of the fight from top position.

Rise of Heroes 7: China vs New Zealand Results

Shane Young (11-2) beat Jiang Zaxian (7-2) by submission due to a rear naked choke in round 1
Jack Ferguson (5-2) beat Shi Xiaoyu (2-3) by disqualification due to an illegal head kick in round 1
Shelby Deveraux (6-0) beat Shi Fujian (3-1) by knockout due to ground strikes in round 1
Nyrene Crowley (4-0) beat Wang-Xue (1-1) by submission due to a rear naked choke in round 2

Feng Liang (9-2) beat Chris Wells (30-9) by unanimous decision
Liu Xiangming (20-5) beat Sam Hill (20-7) by unanimous decision
Hu Yafei (22-18) beat Sam Haggitt (7-2) by knockout due to a head kick in round 1
Tyson Turner (17-3) beat Guo Xichuang (17-13) by unanimous decision
Bao Yincang (29-2) beat Hayden Todd (21-16) by referee’s stoppage due to injury in round 3
Gong Yanli (42-1) beat Selena Small (9-4) by unanimous decision
Guo Qiang (22-8) beat Sigi Pesaleli (11-1) by technical knockout due to leg kicks in round 3
Hen Wenbao (20-3) beat Harley Love (22-11) by unanimous decision

Fight Photos by Raw Photography MX

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