Jordan Tai terrorising the boxing division

Big Bash 3 - ABA Stadium, Auckland - 6th November 2015

A recent emergence of kickboxers dabbling in boxing are sending shockwaves through the boxing community.

With Brad Riddell, Israel Israel Adesenya and now prominent veteran Jordan Tai rises 5-0 in the stacked middleweight division.

Promoter Andrew Higgins took boxing back to grass roots with evenly matched bouts with some of Auckland brightest and emerging talent.

Rising kickboxing star Ziggy Croft from City Lee Gar put on a show using his reach and natural movement to edge forward over the gutsy and walk forward style of Sivian Hermez.

From the fighting family  Joshua Tai caused a huge upset over veteran and heavy hitting Monty Filimea.

In absolute war Tai showed he is one to watch with a unanimous and well-earned decision.

The Brown Butterbean increased his record to 8-1 with a comfortable win over the much lighter Gavin Somers. It being Gavin’s debut and with minimal boxing experience he proved no match for the experienced and very active BBB.

Fight Results

Heavyweight 4x4
David Letele ( Brown Butterbean ) vs Gavin Somers ( Debut ) 
Winner  = David Letele TKO Rd 2

Middleweight 6x6
Jordan Tai vs Mose Auimtagai
Winner = Jordan Tai ( Unanimous )

Light heavyweight 4x4
Ziggy Croft ( debut )vs Sivian Hermez
Winner = Ziggy Croft ( Unanimous )

Cruiserweight 4x4
Efu Taalili vs Navosa Loata ( debut )
Winner =  Navosa Loata TKO Rd 2

Cruiserweight 4x4
Monty Filimaea vs Joshua Tai
Winner = Joshua Tai ( Unaminous )

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UFC 193 - Heavyweight Rematch

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