Karate New Zealand Coaching Council

Karate New Zealand Coaching Council

The Karate New Zealand Coaching Council are happy to report that the National Training Camp held in Christchurch on the 22nd and 23rd of April 2017 was a success. It was the Council’s intention to provide an extensive programme of classes drawing upon the expertise of its coaches. All the coaches and facilitators worked together in delivering what was perceived as a great camp!

The motto for the camp was Strategies and Tactics’ with special attention to the 2017 WKF rule changes. The council, in cooperation with the coaching pool, set themes for each session and the coaches all had the opportunity to share their expertise with the assigned lead coaches for the sessions. Each lead coach designed their session taking on board the input received and provided details back to the Council prior to the camp.

The following sessions were conducted:

‘Senshu rule and tactical implications: how to be first’
‘Body positioning and precision to maximize scoring potential’
‘Counter fighting and evasive drills’
‘Ippon strategies – setting up head kicks’
‘Ippon strategies – setting up body sweeps’
‘Tactical use of body kicks’

Free advanced kata
Pre kata rituals; first impressions
Post kata rituals; last impressions
Shotokan Bassai Dai  plus bunkai
WKF Sepai plus bunkai
Shotokan Gankaku plus bunkai

‘Olympic Qualification and Selection’
‘WKF 2017 rules’
‘Mental Toughness in Sport’
‘Goal Setting’
‘Proposed Fitness Testing’

General Practical Sessions:
‘Understanding Dynamics, Biomechanics and Motor Control relevant to Karate’

Thank you to all participants and parents for supporting the event and taking all the tuition back to your individual dojos. There is a lot of expertise within Karate New Zealand and the National Camps are the perfect platform to spread this knowledge. We trust you have all taken a few things away from this camp that you will be able to successfully implement in your day-to-day training.

The Coaching Council would like to express their gratitude to all coaches and facilitators for making the camp a success. The feedback from participants and parents has been amazing. We look forward to building on this experience and are taking on board the comments we received to make the July camp in Wellington into another success.

A special thank you goes out to the Local Organising Committee in Canterbury Westland region for your hard work getting all the logistics in place:

  • George Glausius
  • Rebecca Dobson
  • Greg Burgess

Thank you to all facilitators, coaches and Senseis:

  • Dennis May
  • Chris Bennett
  • Leonard Kong
  • Duane Monk
  • Craig Nordstrand
  • Rebecca Dobson
  • Greg Burgess
  • Thorsten Windhorst
  • Thanasi Balaphas
  • Beaty Bennett
  • Shane Russell

We look forward to the next camp and once again ensuring a quality experience.

Yours in karate,
Andy Roosen
KNZ Coaches Council Chairperson

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