King in the Ring K-1 Cruiserweight 8 Man Eliminator - 86KG

King in the Ring K-1 Cruiserweight 8 Man Eliminator - 86KG

ASB Stadium
Auckland, New Zealand
17.11.17 - King Slav claims Crown!

Just like the finale in Scarface – Slava 'Scarface' Alexeichik tore through opponents, like Al Pacino with a M203 Grenade launcher. One by one opponents dropped, as Slava unloaded his fists like clips on a glock. No one walked away without exit wounds from this 8-man showstopper.
Arriving to New Zealand at only 7 years old, with next to nil martial arts experience, Slava Alexeichik has shown through sheer grit and surreal striking, that a childhood dream can become a reality.

No stranger to danger, Slava has been fighting the best of the best over the years, including 'Stylebender' Israel Adesanya, Zak Fatamaka and Chase Haley. Titles include NZ WKBF Super middleweight, 2 x NZ WKBF Light Heavyweight, HKMTA South Pacific and 2 x HKMTA Commonwealth Title. All under the guidance of Steve Hahm, Tony Angelov, Joey Hopkins, Richie Hardcore and the Godfather - Sifu Phillip Lam. 
The initial onslaught brought Cantabrian brawler Geordie Bateman (CFC) up to the plate. With dynamite in both hands, and brawl to fall style, Bateman launched everything he had early in the opening rounds. Slava's superior boxing, with a one tap step up (to the head) followed through by vicious body shot/knee teep combinations, put Bateman down via Round 2. Bruised, battered and outnumbered, Bateman was dismissed as Slava moved on to the next.
Semi final one brought muay thai expert and multiple champion, Zane 'Hybrid' Hopman (Fortitude Thai Boxing) coming away from a grueling 3 rounder with Mose Afoa (Balmoral Lee Gar). Although Zane threw punches in bunches in addition to low/high kicks, it was the pin point accuracy, heavier hands, ring control and cleaner shots that edged in favour for Slav to move on to the final.

Ash Solly (CKB), the current WKBF Champion, proved he has that strap for a reason. Arriving at the gates of hell, both Scarface and Solly were ready to throw down, and had no intention of going the distance. Leaving nothing for the road home, Ash Solly came forward with stiff jabs and solid right left straight hand combinations. Like a lumberjack, Slava utilised both legs like axes on Solly's thighs. Vicious hand combinations and continuous lashings of the lower leg kicks saw Solly fall, and Slava 'Scarface' Alexeichik rise to the occasion in complete domination and crowned new King in the Ring 86Kg Champion.
Michelle 'Pressure' Preston also went down in history one of New Zealand's first women's WBC World Muay Thai Super Flyweight Champions. The pressure was on with Fani Peloumpi flying all the way from Greece. Full muay thai rules allowed for slicing and dicing with elbows, in addition to full thai clinching.
The opening rounds saw Michelle 'Pressure' living up to her name, applying the heat, but not able to break the guard of Fani. As the rounds wore on, it was the connecting head shots which broke the guard, popping in and out with lower leg kicks, and a display of complete ring control which confirmed newly appointed WBC World Muay Thai Champion - Michelle 'Pressure' Preston (ETK HQ) 

In the words of Jason Suttie himself - the King of the Ring 8 man series stamped it's mark on the New Zealand fight scene and answered the many requests to expand further into different weight divisions.
It continues to boost the profile of New Zealand fighters on the international fight scene over seven weight divisions; 62kg, 72kg, 75kg, 86kg, 92kg, 100kg and 100kg+ and over the two Trans Tasman countries.
8 fighters. Only one will be King

Since 2013, we have seen it all from the first ever champ, Antz Nansen, to Joe Hopkins, TY Williams, Alexi Serepisos, Sone Vannathy, Tafa Misapati, Blood Diamond, Pauli Lakai, Israel Adesanya, Victor Mechkov, Joey Baylon, Davor Matarugic, Carlos Ulberg, Sam Hill and now UFC contracted fighter - Dan Hooker, who have put their lives on the line for pride, kudos, entertainment and a cemented a legacy for years to come. Get ready for 2018 as the team at ETK, bring you shin on chin action from the ever-emerging talent pool of New Zealand fighters.

King in the Ring K-1 Cruiserweight 8 Man Eliminator - 86KG Results

1. Curtain Raiser Fight 3x2 minutes
Rasy Soth (Cambodia Kickboxing) vs Ethan Sudarsana (ETK North Shore)
Winner – Ethan Sudarsana (ETK North Shore) Unanimous

2. 8 Man Qualifier 1 - 3x3 minutes
Mose Afoa (Balmoral Lee Gar) vs Zane Hopman (Fortitude Thai Boxing)
Winner - Zane 'Hybrid' Hopman (Fortitude Thai Boxing) Unanimous

3. 8 Man Qualifier 2 - 3x3 minutes
Geordie Bateman (CFC - Christchurch) vs Slava 'Scarface' Alexeichik (City Lee Gar)
Winner - Slava 'Scarface' Alexeichik (City Lee Gar) RD 2 TKO 1.35 seconds

4. 8 Man Qualifier 3 - 3x3 minutes
Ramegus Te Wake (The Stables) vs Sigi 'Showtime' Pesaleli (Balmoral Lee Gar)
Winner - Sigi 'Showtime' Pesaleli (Balmoral Lee Gar) Unanimous

5. 8 Man Qualifier 4 - 3x3 minutes
Ash Solly (City Kickboxing) vs Edwin 'Electric' Sammy (ETK HQ)
Winner - Ash Solly (City Kickboxing) Majority Decision

6. 65.5 KG Super Fight 3x2 minutes
Pong Chau (ETK North Shore) vs Andre 'Mac Daddy' Macdonald (ETK HQ)
Winner - Andre 'Mac Daddy' Mcdonald (ETK HQ) Majority Decision

7. 8 Man Semi Final 1 - 3x3 minutes
Zane Hopman (Fortitude Thai Boxing) vs Slava ' Scarface 'Alexeichik (City Lee Gar)
Winner - Slava 'Scarface'Alexeichik (City Lee Gar) Split Decision

8. 8 Man Semi Final 2 - 3x3 minutes
Ramegus Te Wake (The Stables) vs Ash Solly (City Kickboxing)
Winner - Ash Solly (City Kickboxing) RD 3 TKO 2.19 seconds

9. Women's World WBC Muay Thai Super Flyweight Title 5x2 minutes
Fani Peloumpi (Greece) vs Michelle 'Pressure' Preston (ETK HQ)
Winner - Michelle 'Pressure' Preston (ETK HQ) Majority Decision

10. 8 Man Final
Slava 'Scarface' Alexeichik (City Lee Gar) vs Ash Solly (City Kickboxing)
Winner - Slava 'Scarface'Alexeichik (City Lee Gar) RD 1 TKO 1.7 seconds

Busy boxing weekend, new NZ Champion and ultimate call out

Busy boxing weekend, new NZ Champion and ultimate call out

Still New Zealand Heavyweight Champion

Still New Zealand Heavyweight Champion