New Zealand vs China WLF Fight of the Centry

New Zealand vs China WLF Fight of the Centry

WLF K.1 New Zealand Sifu Phillip Lam: " Fight Of The Century

New Zealand (6) China ( 4)

Saturday the 19th of September at ASB Stadium.  The legendary Sifu Phillip hosted not only his 40th Anniversary but a star studded line up that had fights fans fizzing.

On paper was a card you could only dream of in terms of New Zealand’s most active and rising stars.

 Israel Adesenya ( Izzy ) Super 8 and KOTR Trans- Tasman champion spat out and chewed up his Chinese adversary Quing Gele in a MMA bloodbath.

Photos by Boshi Wang

Photos by Boshi Wang

Fight of the Night – Harley Love ( City Lee Gar ) who was back on form with the formidable bald head, Harley looked unstoppable, his rhythm and timing and straight swagger suggested it only was person was going to be standing at that end it, which resulted in a flying knee KO.

Brass Balls – Vector Mechov vs Wang Anying

With only weeks notice the Russian from ETK lived to the motto ( Respect all, fear no one ) in a fight that converted some of the Chinese supporters. Coming back from a first round knock down Vector put on a Spartan performance that had the crowd screaming and almost yes almost stole the victory in a toe to toe slug fest that went until the final bell.

Muay Thai 101  - Alexi Serepisos ( Jai ) vs Kong Long

At 21 years old this young man is a force to reckon with. His ability to listen while throwing devastating step up left knees made slowly wore down a very dangerous fighter.

Undercard Fights – 3x2 MIN ( Mod-thai & K1 rules ) 

Tai Park ( City Lee Gar) vs Thomas Mature ( ETK North ) - 69 KG

Tai showed his ringcraft and experience in controlling a majority of the fight. Thomas Mature displayed phenomenal kicks and even splitting Tae open near the end of the bell.

Winner= Tai Park ( Unanimous )

Mario Williams ( Legacy Lee Gar ) vs Carl Tegan ( J.B ) - 71 KG

Yes you read right this was an undercard which in some cases could very well be a main event!

In a highly anticipated rematch both fighters put on a very technical display. Carl Tegan was very composed and threw right kicks hard enough to make Williams rib cage look like minced meat, however in the end Mario’s ferocity and crisp / vicious combos were more than enough to walk away with a unanimous win.

Winner= Mario Williams( Unanimous )

Alex Red ( City Lee Gar ) vs Dion Blairville ( City Kickboxing ) - 76 KG

Alex Red punished Dion, a former TKD specialist enabled Alex showcase his skills. Unfortunately Dion never found his rhythm resulting in a quick click, step up double knee.

Winner via KO ( double knee ) Alex Red


Oscar Remihana ( SMAC ) vs Jiao Fukai ( China )

Now they say styles make fights and this was a clean, fast technician ( Oscar ) vs a hard and accurate puncher. Although Jiao was not busy when he threw his punches aimed beyond the target but going through it. Oscar was relentless and managed to start rocking Jiao with uppercuts in the 3rd and final.

Winner= Oscar ( Unanimous )

Michelle Preston ( ETK ) vs Li Mingrui ( China ) - 53 KG

The pressure lived up to her name but just doing as her nick name suggested. Li Mingrui managed to work her lower COG ( centre of gravity ) but there was not enough pep in her step to counter a one Australasia’s best female fighters.

Winner= Michelle ( Unanimous )

Ziggy Croft ( City Lee Gar ) vs Liu Dacheng ( China ) - 80 KG

Cool, calm and composed Ziggy has a body built for Muay Thai. Ziggy managed to move well and scored a 2nd round knockdown. Clinical and domination display from a future star in this sport.

Winner = Ziggy ( Unanimous )

Victor Mechkov ( ETK ) vs Wang Anying ( China ) - 76 KG

As above words can’t really express the sheer energy this fight brought to the arena.

Wang Anying came to the party and gate crash he did. His look resembled a shark and he went in for the kill knocking Vic down in the 1st round. Vic managed to pick himself up and came up strong.

Just imagine a boxing circuit and the last 30 seconds and all your told to do is throw hooks, that was the last 30 of this round and it had the crowd in hysterics.

Winner- Wang Anying ( China )

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

Shane Young ( City Kickboxing ) vs Wang Guan ( China ) - 70 KG

Shane Young is a very strong and skilled wrestler, in this case his shoots were ineffective against the formidable sprawl defence of Wang Guan.

Shane was the aggressor, however Wangs strong defence and accurate placement of shots left him victorious in a well earned win.

Winner- Wang Guan ( Unanimous )


Special performance from Chinese Super Star/ Shaolin Super Monk

Also famous for going to war with New Zealand’s own Brad Riddell!

Alexi Serepisos (JAI )vs Kong Long ( China ) - 61 KG

Kong Long came out in a Godzilla mask and had he been fighting a joe blog he would have eaten him. Unfortunately he was fighting current KOTR champion and very clinical Alexi Serepisos.

Kong’s Tyson like approach and hard, fast 1 2 combos were epic but the 1, 2 step up knee just kept landing and landing. Alexi has the style and approach to dismantle a monster and that he did with a dominant and clean win.

Winner – Alexi ( Unanimous )

Chris Wells ( SMAC ) vs Wei Rui ( China ) - 63 KG

The butcher boy came out strong with a sneaky skip thigh smashes, however the sheer strength, clinch and power from Wei Rui was too much which resulted in multiple throws and a dominating win from Wei Rui.

Winnner – Wei ( China )

Harley Love ( City Lee Gar ) vs Zhang Dezhang ( China ) - 71 KG

We are not sure what Harley Love was eating/ drinking tonight but we certainly wanted some as this boy was on FIRE!

Harley looked at home and mixed aggression with style like a Molotov cocktail. From start to finish he was in and out throwing 4-6 punch combinations.

Winner – Harley ( Flying knee KO )

Kanye Conlan ( Strikeforce ) vs Qiu Jianliang ( China ) - 67 KG

In its own right this was also a fight of the night. Qui Jianliang had the frame of bolo from the Bruce Lee flick, on top of that he threw spinning kicks like a bat out of hell.

Kayne threw hard and fast and showed why he will be one of NZs best however on the night Qiu was just too slick and possibly slightly more experienced which enabled him to walk away with the win.

Winner  - Qiu ( Unaminous )

Israel Adesenya ( City Kickboxing ) vs Qing Gele ( China ) - 84 KG

Israel once again proved why he is the one of best to ever come out of the land of the long white cloud. Showcasing his usual, relaxed and almost mocking style he slipped out of multiple grapples and under hooks.

Qing repeatedly wanted to go to ground where Izzy wanted to stand and bang.

Having grown tired of the games Izzy took Qing to the ground and GnP’d his way to victory.

Qing lay lifeless for sometime which showed although relaxed Isreal isn’t no joke.

There you have it. Hands down the legendary Sifu brought New Zealand and China to ASB in Auckland. If you know the sport well enough Sifu Phillip Lam was responsible for forging champions from the 1st generation such as Lolo Heimuli, Wayne Vaega, Abert, Alex Tui and Nole.

2nd Generation fighters such as Jayson Vemoa, Ray Sefo, Eddy Tongalahi, Jojo Ancajaz, Nick and Steve Misich, Ronny Sefo.

And 3rd Generation champions such as Jason Suttie, Shane “Choppa” Chapman, Slava, Tony Angelov, Joe Hopkins, Jan Antolik, Brad Riddell, Harley Love, Ziggy and Mario Williams.

Just like red wine Sifu Phillip Lam gets better and better with time, hand on heart New Zealand is gracious and humbled by the presence of him and where he has the taken the sport/ martial of Muay Thai in 2015.

From the team at New Zealand fighter we look forward to seeing you at the 50th! 

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