Oceania Karate Championships 2017

Oceania Karate Championships 2017

  Courtesy of Karate New Zealand: [Photo: Top Row - Duane Monk (Coach), Leonard Kong (Coach), Coach, Isaac Hoshi, Adriana Nicloaie. Middle Row - Elian Pagalilawan, Alison Over, Sian Scott, Barney Gill, Andrea Anacan, John McLachlan. Bottom Row - Thanasi Balaphas (Referee), Jason Ng (Referee), Leo Donnelly (former KNZ President), Dennis May (KNZ President), Simon Merrick (Referee Chairperson), Gene Browne (Referee), Zhiming Meng (Referee), Dave Harris (Referee)]

CONGRATULATIONS to Karate New Zealand Team at the 18th Oceania Karate Championships!

This event was for Seniors only and held at the Whitlam Leisure Centre, Liverpool, Australia - on 7th April 2017.

Full 18th Oceania Karate Championship Results

Team NZ Results:

Name Category Result

Andrea Anacan Female Kata Gold

Barney Gill Male Kumite -67 Kg Gold

Sian Scott Female Kumite -55 Kg Gold

Angelo Anacan Male Kumite -67 Kg Silver

Alison Oliver
Female Kumite -55 Kg

Adriana Nicolaie Female Kumite -61 Kg Bronze

Isaac Hoshi Male Kata Bronze

John McLachlan Male Kumite -75 Kg Bronze

Elian Pagalilawan Male Kata 5th


Force to be Reckoned With

Force to be Reckoned With

Letting Go of Judging People

Letting Go of Judging People