‘Slick’ Victor Mechkov slices up the Competition

‘Slick’ Victor Mechkov slices up the Competition

Photo by Calden jamieson photography

Photo by Calden jamieson photography

King In The Ring 75kg 8 Eliminator - ASB Stadium - Friday 15th April 2016

The Russian warrior from ETK looked unstoppable in a gutsy, merciless march to claim the 2016 75kg King in the Ring title. Not taking the easy route ‘Slick’ battled through 9 rounds of what can only be described as the murders row of elite kickboxers in New Zealand.

Cutting it very close Hayden ‘Tat North’ Todd from Strikeforce gym won the crowd over with an awe inspiring display of pugilism battling his way through the last two fights like a one eye pirate with 50/50 vision through previous damage in earlier bouts.

New Zealand legend and evolutionary fighter / promoter Jason Suttie decided to change the weight limit from the original 72KG category to 75kg this slightly higher middleweight division could set a trend for what can only be described as a treacherous, high octane and precise level of kickboxing.

Fight 1 - Super Heavyweight Curtain Raiser

Jeremiah Fatialofa ( SMAC ) vs Fou 'Fabulous' Ah-lamn ( ETK )

Fabulous Fou Ah-lam was calculated and precise with his placement of punches and knees, Jeremiah’s formidable power and downright frightening hooks were too much with shots that would have sent most to sleep Fou survived but didn’t do enough to swing it his way.  

Winner = Jeremiah Fatialofa ( Unanimous ) SMAC Gym

Fight 2 - 8 Man Quarter Final 1

Mike 'Blood Diamond' Tambo ( City kickboxing ) vs David Watts ( Toa Fighting Gym )

Bringing the pride of the South, David Watts did not look out of his comfort zone given the cards were not in his favour against former KITR Champion blood diamond. Spinning kicks and body shots from Watts never seemed to faze Blood who confidently utilized his experience with head kicks, body shots and knees.

A left hand followed by a freestanding knee ended this bout early into RD 2.

Winner = 'Blood Diamond' Tambo ( KO knee Rd 2 )

Fight 3 - 8 Man Quarter Final 2

'Slick' Vic Mechkov ( ETK ) vs Mikaera 'Shotgun' Povey (Helensville Thai Boxing )

Mikaera was fast, fluid and brought the hometown with him, Slick was relentless with powershots, multiple punch combos and his segregation right lower leg shots of the leading left leg on the Shotgun edged him forward and a hard earnt fight to the first quarter final.

Winner =  'Slick' Victor Mechkov ( Unanimous )


Fight 4 - 8 Man Quarter Final 3

Chris 'Cobra' Eades ( ETK Northshore ) vs Terrence 'Machine Gun' Montgomery ( Wildstables)

Bringing swag and style Terrance ‘Machine Gun’ Montgomery earned his spot with a well earnt win over SMAC showstopper Oscar Remihana.

Rising star Chris ‘Cobra’ Eades brought forward a basic, brutal and punishing style. A vicious work rate and effective kicks and punches shattered the machines guns hopes of making through to the next round in a very stylistic match up.

Winner=  Chris 'Cobra' Eades ( Unanimous )

Fight 5 - 8 Man Quarter Final 4

Hayden 'Tat North' Todd ( Strikeforce ) vs Rua ' Damage' Druce ( MTI )

No stranger to danger and hardman Hayden ‘Tat’ North displayed a vicious hybrid Thai style with landing lethal body shots and kicks and assertively listening to corner man / coach Karl Webber and Aaron Boyes. Rua ‘Damage’ Druce countered and landed hard right hands but never seemed to pull the trigger allowing Todd to move forward not unscathed with a huge mouse under the left eye of Tat North.

Winner= Hayden 'Tat North' Todd ( Unanimous )

Fight 6 - Welterweight Muay Thai Rules Super Fight

Junior Coleman ( JAI) vs Tae Park ( City Lee Gar )

Power punching Tae Park moved in early showing who is boss with vicious and aggressive shots. Junior in his own right took it all in his stride with a ship-shape Thai style and very fast shots. KITR Muay Thai rules allowed elbows which saw both parties throwing down initially closing the distance with a punch combo followed by elbows.

Early into RD 2 Coleman was too smooth and landed swift and samurai swordelbow above the eye of Tae Park resulting in a stoppage.

Winner = Junior Coleman ( RD 2 TKO ) Cut via Elbow

Fight 7 - 8 Man Semi Final 1

Mike 'Blood Diamond' Tambo ( City kickboxing ) vs 'Slick' Vic Mechkov ( ETK )

Former champion Blood Diamond confidently worked the ring placing pot shots here and there, man on a mission Slick Vic brought his A game with landing signature hooks even wobbling Blood Diamond in what turned into a toe to toe war!

Winner = 'Slick' Vic Mechkov ( Majority Points )

Fight 8 - 8 Man Semi Final 2

Chris 'Cobra' Eades ( ETK Northshore ) vs Hayden 'Tat North' Todd ( Strikeforce )

Although one eye was closed Hayden ‘Tat North’ Todd used multiple sweeps and bully tactics that seemed to trouble the Cobra. Earlier rounds may have drained the tank from Eades, as he was not effective in an earlier dominating performance.

Work rate and aggression moved Tat North to the final with a completely closed left eye.

Winner= Hayden 'Tat North' Todd ( Unanimous )

Fight 9 - Super Middleweight Muay Thai Rules

Mario 'Locked n Loaded' Williams ( ETK Northshore ) vs Doug ' Dynamite' Higgins (Grizzly ETK)

Always dangerous and full of dynamite Doug Higgins displayed his signature hook kick and no nonsense style. Reach played a factor in this bout and Mario Williams capitalised on his superior speed, teeps, combinations and vicious and delicious style that took him forward for a unanimous win.

Winner = Mario 'Locked n Loaded' Williams ( Unanimous )

Fight 10 - Cruiserweight Muay Thai Rules Super Fight

Slava 'Scarface' Alexeichik ( City Lee Gar ) Jamie Kyokushin Kid' Eades ( ETK Northshore )

Styles make fights in this classic Muay Thai vs Kyokushin match up. Punishing leg, body and shin on chin from the Kyokushin Kid did not make for an easy night in the office for Scarface. Superior boxing, constant pressure and the odd elbow from the menacing and ruthless Scarface brought fight fans to their feet one of the 2016’s most brutal Cruiserweight Muay Thai matches.

Winner = Slava 'Scarface' Alexeichik

Fight 11 - Super Middleweight 8 Man Final

'Slick' Victor Mechkov ( ETK ) vs Hayden 'Tat North' Todd ( Strikeforce )

With one eye completely closed Hayden ‘Tat North’ Todd entered the final with 50/50 vision. Slick Vic also looked noticeably damaged with red ribs, bumps in bruises.

Rd1- Hayden treated this as the last round and came in like a bat out of hell, aggressive, composed knocking down Slick twice.

Rd2- Slick Vic began pushing the pace, kicks and knees went out the window as then 2 just decided to stand and bang in a Mark Hunt / Ray Sefo remake with smiles, arms out and hundy percent hooks this round prompted a call to noise control !

Photo by Calden jamieson photography

Photo by Calden jamieson photography

Rd3 – Both fighters gassed and battered the pace continued with Slick digging deep and throwing everything he had into hooks and body shots. With Hayden taking the first round and Slick Vic finishing strong this was very close.

So close in that this was a split. Slick Vic Mechov put on a phenomenal display of skill, power, grit and above all heart in a well-deserved and historical win in the 2016 75KG 8 King In The Ring Eliminator.

King in Ring Ring 2016 75kg Champion - 'Slick' Victor Mechkov ( Split Decision )

Will we see a Super fight rematch of Slick and Tat North?

Who will take home Asia Pacific bragging rights in the next instalment of New Zealand’s premier kickboxing show?

Catch us next time at the very first ever 8 Man Asia Pacific King In The Ring in Auckland, New Zealand October 28th 2016

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