Sport NZ Review of Boxing NZ conducted by Peter Dale

Sport NZ Review of Boxing NZ conducted by Peter Dale

Press Release: Boxing New Zealand

Extract From Newsletter from Steve Mitchell, President Boxing New Zealand to Members

As many of you will be aware, the membership of Boxing NZ unanimously called for an independent review of boxing at the 2012 annual general meeting.

With the assistance of Sport NZ, the Boxing NZ Executive contracted Peter Dale to review the sports structure, governance and management of its programmes, with the intent of improving and enhancing the opportunities and experiences of current and future boxers, coaches, referees and judges.

I am pleased to attach the completed report for your information. The Boxing NZ Executive has considered the report and is supportive of all the recommendations.

However, recognising the opportunity the report provides us to take boxing forward, the Executive is keen to hear the views of the boxing community before finalising its approach.

To enable this to occur, we will hold open forums throughout the country in late January/early February in Auckland, Taupo, Wellington and Christchurch. These forums will be fronted by members of the Boxing Executive, Peter Dale and Sport NZ, and are an open and genuine invitation for you to raise questions or concerns about the report on boxing and its recommendations, and any other matter relating to boxing.

The Boxing Executive recognises that boxing has a passionate and knowledgeable boxing community and is eager to hear your views.

The details of the forums will be posted on our website and communicated early in the New Year.

If you are unable to attend one of the forums, we would welcome receiving your views via the Boxing NZ office (contact details above).

TITLE: Doing a Few Things Well

Review of the Governance, Structure and Management of Boxing New Zealand conducted by Peter Dale Management Services for Sport New Zealand and the Executive Board of Boxing NZ, November 2014.



This report results from a request from the new Executive Board of Boxing NZ [BNZ] to Sport NZ to review the sports structure, governance, and management of its programs. The Executive Board found itself without policies or procedures to function in a proper manner; an administration that was unclear as to its purpose; portfolios operating without reference to the Executive Board; and decisions being made on behalf of the Executive Board in an opaque manner. The new Executive Board has shown itself to be enthusiastic and determined to improve the performance of the national body. In order to set itself a program of change the Executive Board has sought guidance and recommendations that will enable it to do a few things well. The first task is to set its own house in order and then to engage with members and stakeholders as to the future of boxing in New Zealand. Without institutional knowledge provided by documentation or the benefit of having some senior Executive Board Member experience the new Executive Board faces a difficult task. The recommendations of this report are designed to facilitate that process. Part One of this review sets out its scope, a summary of sources of information received, key findings and recommendations for future action. Part Two provides analysis of the status and current capability of BNZ in the following areas: 
• Governance and leadership
• Planning
• Financial management
• Operations and sport development
• People, communications and administration

Each section contains proposals for a way forward for BNZ. This report relies entirely on information provided by BNZ and the results of surveys.

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