Super 8: Betham Beats Batman

Super 8: Betham Beats Batman

Mahindra Super 8 Fight Night - 3rd November 2015

Super 8 Betham nz boxing

VS Live (formerly known as Super 8) hosted hands down the one of the most entertaining boxing cards of 2015.

Monty Betham lived up to his fathers footsteps securing the New Zealand National Boxing Federation (NZNBF) cruiserweight title from James ‘Batman’ Langton.

James Langton proved more than a mouthful by pushing Monty for the full 10 rounds and managing to inflict his own damage, however Monty Bethams superior fitness and sublime boxing skills ensured a unanimous victory to become the NZNBF Cruiserweight champ.

Israel ‘The Stylebender’ Adesenya created history winning the Super 8 (4 Man) in addition to winning the King in the Ring only 3 days earlier.

Israel ‘The Stylebender’ Adesenya super 8

Initial fight with Zane Hopman went the distance, however Israel was far too slick and moved forward in a unanimous win.

The second and final of the cruiser was much more of clash. Lance Bryant never backed down and with his walk forward relentless pace Izzy was kept on his toes.

In the final 10 Izzy sealed the deal with a well-placed body shot.

In the words of Israel “Winning is a habit” …. I will be in the UFC by July 2016…

This drew an even louder response from the crowd.

Based on what previous events the sky is the limit for this young New Zealand  / Nigeria showstopper.

Brad  Riddell super 8 boxing

Reece ‘Lightning’ Pupuni battled through a gruelling gauntlet to claim the Super 8 Middleweight crown.

The initial fight divided the Boxing and Kickboxing world with world class champion kickboxer Brad ‘ Quake ‘ Riddell.

Call it controversial, one sided, even or split. This was a very close fight.

Considering it was the pro-debut Brad Riddell left nothing for the road home, cagey at first he began to relax in later rounds.

Reece’s slick movement and placement of body shots was enough in the end to secure the extension round unanimous win.

Second bout with Robert ‘Butcher’ Berridge was one that NZ boxing had been stewing for. Nothing short of spectacular it was a boxer (pupuni) vs a seasoned slugger.

Another close fight with styles going out the window in the extension round.

Unlike money mayweather this fight lived up to the hype and Reece ‘Lighting’ Pupuni secured his place as the reigning and well earned Super 8 Middle weight champion.

Robert ‘The Butcher’ Berridge edged through with bloody war with the very talented Sefo Falekaono.

Robert Berridge vs Sefo Falekaono super 8 boxing

Sefo was slick and powerful landing enough to trouble the butcher. With an extension round the Butcher hammered in home in once again hairline victory to the final.

Hemi ‘The Heat’ Ahio survived an onslaught from the credible American Samoan champ Alapati ‘The Hitman’A’sa.

Dropping Hemi in the Hitman almost walked away with an upset. Hemi was able to recover and with devastating power and raw power sent the Hitman home with a devastating second round KO.

Which now takes the City Boxing one to watch 9-0

Bree Peters fighting out of Boxing Alley (Chris Martin) showed natural flair and aggression with unanimous win over the bachelorette Lisa O’Loughlin.

Lisa had the crowd in hesterics with her after much comment when asked how it went and her response “ oh great, loved being punched in the head”

As this fight was purely for charity all proceeds went to Kidscan and The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.

Paul Gallen vs Bodene Thompson was a collision of 2 very hard hitting explosive heavyweights. With grenades in each hand Gallen and Thompson thew down in one of the most vicious bouts of the night.

Bodene made it difficult with his southpaw stance while Gallens shark approach and axe welding haymakers took their toll.

In yet again another hard to decide match Gallen came through with a unanimous victory.

VS Live have stepped up and finished 2015 on a high. Capturing New Zealand’s superstars the Super 8 boxing tournament is the best thing since sliced bread in terms of entertainment factor.

With the bar set so high we wonder if this magic will ever be recaptured, we only hope and that is why VS Live will continue the pace and matching styles vs styles.

In what can only be described as a long awaited affair of fights NZ and the wider audience was finally put to rest in some very long awaited match ups. 

With one more major boxing event of the year we at New Zealand fighters look forward to what awaits for what has been a very entertaining year of fights and success for NZ fighters here and abroad. 

Jordan Tai terrorising the boxing division

Two Nations , One King in the Ring

Two Nations , One King in the Ring