Taylor Update, Wilson & Fa returns and who is next in line for title

A lot of news this week but we will start will the biggest news of them all. NZPBA champion Jonathan Taylor has filed for his national title to be vacant and possibly retirement.

This has come out of nowhere, however understandable due to the current situation. As some of you may know, Jonathan Taylor took on Jordan Tai for the vacant NZPBA New Zealand National super Middleweight title and IBO Oceania Title on Andrew Higgins Big Bash show last november.

It has been reported that multiple boxers on that night received hand injuries including Jonathan Taylor extremely bad hand injury that needed surgery, Jordan Tai minor hand surgery, Kendall Cooper cracked knuckle and Joshua Tai hand injury. Cooper and Josh Tai has not fought since due to the injuries. After a investigation took place, it was deemed that the Gloves that were provided from New Zealand Boxer were the fault. 

NZBoxer generally sponsor boxing events in New Zealand by letting promoters us their gloves. However it was discovered that the exact same gloves were being used in every event, making the gloves padding thinner and cause injury to the boxers.

Jonathan Taylor won the fight against Jordan Tai by TKO to win the two vacant titles, with now declaring the NZPBA title to be vacant their is high possibility that he has retired. In saying that, Jonathan Taylor bother Anthony has been declared retired before but made an in ring come back this month since his fight back in April 2016.

Anthony Taylor took on Nick Hikorua on the 7th of October making his first fight in 18 months. Taylor won the bought by TKO in the 3rd round but this time he has came up a weight into the Super Welterweight class. He will be fighting on Shane Cameron fight night in November, live on Sky TV. He will be taking on NZ ranked 3rd (who peaked at 1st earlier this year) Jerome Pascua.

In other News, James Wilson who came to fight three times in one month earlier this year in New Zealand, has returned to the boxing scene in Mexico. He won the fight by Knockout, only 15 seconds in the first round.

And finally we have received word Junior Fa will be making his in ring return in America. It is unknown who his opponent will be at this stage or if he will be fighting for a regional title, but this will be his first fight since his win in May over Hunter Sam. We do know that Junior Fa has had some problem dealing with aggravating. Fa has a very busy 2016 with 9 fights, which wouldn't have helped. After some good time off, we are hoping Junior has recovered and looking to get another W before end of the year.

On a side note, it has been recognised that Conrad Lam is next in line for a title shot with in any of the NZ commissioning bodies. So the question is who will he challenge for the titles?

Still New Zealand Heavyweight Champion

Still New Zealand Heavyweight Champion

Geovana Peres wins second NZ title

Geovana Peres wins second NZ title