The Art of War 2 - Underdog Red Reaps Reward

The Art of War 2 - Underdog Red Reaps Reward

Photo by Calden jamieson photography

Photo by Calden jamieson photography

City Lee Gar- The Art of War 2 - 19 February 2016

When it rains it pours, with the new year starting to stack up Big T (Tony Angelov) and the City Lee Gar Famalia put together a lethal card that left fans screaming for more.

After numerous cancellations and a of ill luck Alexander Redhead stepped up to the plate, in true underdog style he sprinted to the ring  and displayed a stunning array of what will be yet another champion produced from the City Lee Gar factory.

Crowd favourites included Sifu (Philip Lam) Israel Adesenya, Dangerous Dave, Richie Hardcore and a very enthusiastic uncle (Mr Flower). Blood, Knock outs and technical pin point accuracy created an electric experience that can start to finish was nothing short of a the art of war.

Fight of the Night

City Lee Gar - Kanye Young vs ETK North Dayne Williams

From start to finish these boys never took the foot of the gas or pulled the handbreak. Daynes lethal hand combinations mixed with Kaynes precise head kicks, knees and punches had fans on their feet!

Brass Balls  

Danger Dave- Warming up and a blood thirsty crowd half way through the show was a big ask, the only comedian to step up in Auckland when no one else would requires in the words of MC Imagine This…. Big Bolos!

Hats Off

City Lee Gar’s Richie Hardcore and Jai Thai Boxing Pearse Shields. Mid way through the week both did not expect to be going toe toe in 48 hours and that’s exactly what they did. A true display of anywhere, anytime anyplace.

(3x2 Modified Thai Boxing Rules)

City Lee Gar - Viliami Funginitao 98.2Kg vs Wild Stables Fua Talafua 106.2kg

Viliami used his range and composure to place powerful combinations. Fua had other ideas and wanted to go home early powering through Viliami with poisonousright, left hook combinations.

Winner = UnanimousWild Stables Fua Talafua

(3x2 Modified Thai Boxing Rules)

City Lee Gar – Nari Farzami V 90.2Kg vs SMAC  Sigi Pesalei 89.3kg  

Nari came forward with rapid low kicks, Sigi weather the storm and then out of nowhere unleashed an overhand that sent Nari down! Nari was straight up however the ref saw it unfit to continue.

Winner = KO Rd 1 SMAC  

(3x2 Modified Thai Boxing Rules)

Auckland MMA- Mitchell Malaesilia 58kg vs Jai Thai Boxing Gavin Chee 58.7kg

Mitchell showed swag and the way he sunk in power shots showed he was a natural, Chee displayed heart and landed the odd pot but was overwhelmed from relentless performance from up and comer Mitchell Malaesilia.

Winner = UnanimousAuckland MMAMitchell Malaesilia

(3x2 Modified Thai Boxing Rules)

ETK North- Joel Moses 72kg vs Jai Thai Boxing Scott Aitken 70 kg

Joel Mose was polished in his approach using the ring wisely to stick/ move and place 1 2 punch combinations, Scott Aitken did well to counter every kick and sweep however it wasn’t enough to walk away with the win.

Winner = UnanimousETK North- Joel Moses


City Lee Gar | Team Hardcore Richie Hardcorevs Jai Thai Boxing Pearse Shields

Considering Richie was bicep curling when asked to step up and fight 24 hours before this was nothing short of impressive.

What started off tame finished in violent chess boxing. Pease no slouch applied constant pressure and a tight clinch, Hard-cores experience, playfulness and extraordinary ability to place a low kick just after a jab was sublime.

Both warriors displayed a stellar performance which left fights fans in a frenzy for hopefully a non-exhibition one day?!

(3x2 Modified Thai Boxing Rules)

City Lee Gar- Dwyane Flower 65kg vs ETK Craig Marshall 63.5 kg

In this anticipated rematch Craig was out to slaughter flower, applying constant pressure Craig closed the distance as much as he could, Flowers height, range and unorthodox style allowed him to outpoint Craig which settled the score.

Winner = UnanimousCity Lee Gar- Dwyane Flower

(3x3 King in the Ring Rules)

City Lee Gar- Kanye Young61.9kg vs ETK North Dayne Williams62.1 kg

An epic and explosive collision of 2 very experienced fighters. Danyes boxing pedigree shone through with a typical rockforward Tyson style. Constant pressure troubled Kayne early, as the rounds lengthen Kayne used his experience to deliver punishing head kicks, knees and lethal left right combinations that left the canvas spray painted red.

Winner = UnanimousCity Lee Gar- Kanye Young

Main Event

3x3 King in the Ring Rules

City Lee Gar- Alexander Redbhead77.4kg vs MTI Wellington - Rua Druce76.5 kg

A stylistic and classic example of youth vs experience. Rua Druce the experienced of the 2 with multiple titles and warrior in his own right vs Alex TKD / Kung Fu wonder kid and natural born athlete.

City Lee Gar  - The Art of War 2

Alex came out guns blazing with teeps, McGregor style spinning back kicks and wild hooks. Rua weathered everything Alex after each combo came back with a punishing low kicks. Rd 3 Rua found his groove an range and experience began to shine however it wasn’t enough to secure the win leaving underdog and one to watch Alex Redhead with a well-deserved win.

Both fighters left northing for the road home, with Rua back in 2 weeks for the king of Ring (Eliminator ) this is not the last we have seen of the Wellingtonian.

Winner = UnanimousCity Lee Gar- Alexander Redhead

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Jordai Tai - Style Switching Champion

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