The Kiwi vs The Gunslinger an interview with Daniel Kerr

The Kiwi vs The Gunslinger an interview with Daniel Kerr

Daniel Kerr vs John Wayne Parr

New Zealand fighter Daniel Kerr will be stepping inside the cage against Australian Muay Thai legend John Wayne Parr (JWP) in the main event at CMT 6 (Cage Muay Thai) on the 9th of May. I want to know a bit more about who this Kiwi is, and how he’s going to deal with The Gunslinger, JWP.

You are fighting John Wayne Parr, internationally renown for his Muay Thai, with multiple titles, and a public figure on the contender. His last lost was to Toby Smith. This is his returning fight. How are you preparing for JWP?

Daniel: Training extra hard. I mean come on this is JWP! I’m listening and working really hard at what my trainers are saying to do because they are even more experienced than JWP and I.

Do you think he will be coming in with something to prove, will you be coming in with something to prove?

Daniel: Yes for sure! Like I said this is JWP, he can't go out like that. He's got at least a few more kick ass fights in him. With the smaller gloves, on his own promotion he's got heaps to show and to prove. As for myself, of course I got something to prove, but more so to myself and to a group of people close to me who has been with me and has experienced parts of my life journey as a martial arts fighter.

This is a Caged Muay Thai fight. You have fought in many other martial arts disciplines such as boxing, and MMA. What is the most difficult part in adapting to this kind of format?                      

Daniel: Nah, rules are the same as it's still Muay Thai, the 4 oz gloves will be a plus for him as they will suit his style of attacking with quick combination punching, but I'm ready for that. As for cage instead of ropes, that's fine as I only use the ropes in a fight if I'm unfit and haven't trained for it, which is not the case for this one. I'll be keeping it centre cage.

JWP has had a lot of experience, but you’ve been in this game for a while too. You’ve had over 100 fights is this correct? How many do you have now, and what is the secret to longevity in this sport/ Martial arts?

Daniel: 114 fights so far. There are no secrets, just try to stay clean, to take breaks when you need to and to put the effort in when it counts and hopefully you'll keep enjoying what you are doing.

You seem to be promoted as an Australian, Thai and New Zealand fighter to name a few. Can you tell us where you really come from? What country will you be representing, and tell us a little about your background?

Daniel: I was born in NZ and only truly fight for NZ, my heart is there and I return often. A lot of promoters (excluding my friends’ promotions) don't care about a fighter or promoting them on their shows so they will use them in any way they can to make a few extra bucks.

For example, in my case to make shows seem bigger than they really are, they will be saying they got an international fighter or if they want to bring in a certain group of people to their show they will be telling them one of their own is fighting, lame really.

I had a 2nd Dan in ITF Tae Kwon-Do and had won 2 gold medals at the junior world champs in 2002. I started my pro fight training in 2004 at Lanna Chiangmai Thailand for two months before going to live in England and fighting out of Black Country kickboxing in Duddly and K-star kickboxing/Muay Thai in Birmingham for a year while saving up enough money to return to Thailand where I stayed for another 4 years.

Where are you living and training now? If it is not New Zealand, why did you decide to leave New Zealand? Is it difficult to find fights in New Zealand?

I'm currently living in Bangkok (BK), Thailand and training out of Elite Boxing. My wife and I, who I met in Sydney while living there, thought that with her work and me wanting to give this whole Muay Thai lark one more descent crack before I get too old, decided BK was best for us for at least a few years.

Finding fights in NZ has always been a hassle for me when ever I go back to stay there over the years. 2008 when I had most of my fights in NZ was "shitty" to say the least. I had to fight in much higher weight division 84,85,86,100+ just to get some action. Seems the same today as no one wants to step up and fight me at 76-79kg, but might have something later in the year so fingers crossed.

Tell us briefly about fighting in North Korea, China and other parts of the world

Daniel: Ah what can I say? This journey I’m on has been so amazingly out there and awesome that it cannot be explained on just any level of perception. Every country I visited and every person I've met on my journey far and wide along with every time I've stepped in the ring, and cage has been a wonderful experience, which has helped me to grow and develop my mind/body/energy/heart/soul.  Basically, it's kicked ass, I fully recommend traveling and training martial arts.

For anyone who wants to be a champion and has held as many titles as you have, what is some advice you would give them?

Daniel: I've only ever held 3 belts and one of them was an MMA belt I lost in my first title defense. If you see me wearing lots of belts in a photo it was most likely for a promoter to make it seem more special.  I've only ever fought for 4 titles in Muay Thai, but in regards to the two I've won, if you want to be a Champ do what needs to be done; turn yourself into a 100% pure/clean all or nothing athlete same as any sport and get your head in the right place, surround yourself with super positive people that will help push you, and train harder than you ever thought possible. And then when you’re in that ring and the bell goes, if all your build up has been spot on and your head’s in the right place, LET GO!!! Just relax and let your body do what your mind has been drilling it to do over the course of your training, you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Make sure to watch John Wayne Parr vs. Daniel Kerr at CMT 6 May on the 9th of May, at Logan Metro Sports Centre. Crestmead, QLD, Australia.

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