Two Nations , One King in the Ring

Two Nations , One King in the Ring

Photo by Calden Jamieson photography

Photo by Calden Jamieson photography

King In The Ring 100kg Tran Tasman 8 Man Eliminator

New Zealand Vs Australia - 31st October 2015

Israel Adesanya defied gravity once again with a mind bending display of skills and fluidity. Stepping outside of his weight class he demonstrated his rise for one of the best pound for pound fighters to grace New Zealand shores.

Jason Suttie surmised it perfectly!

“ I generally weighed around 103kg and because super HW has no limit I fought up to 133Kg, I always though Man I wish the 8 man were at 100kg because I’d be killing them, so I set up King in the Ring at 100kg, living my own dreams through these fighters”

100kg is de crème de le crème weight class with both speed & knockout power, a very nice cocktail for the one of the most electrifying fight nights of 2015.

Fight of the Night

Dan “The Pain Roberts vs Wayne “War Machine” Hehea

Everyone loves a war and this battle trumped no.1 spot. War Machine provided Dan a free Halloween mask with more than enough blood to paint the ring red.

Brass Balls  

Nase Foai from Giorgis Gym ( Gold Coast ) the 1st Dan Black Belt displayed a warrior spirit fighting Israel Fresh and landing some of the most significant strikes of the night.

Foai showcased is he one lethal weapon!

KO of the Night

 After over one year off due to reconstructive shoulder surgery, Jamie Eades cemented his place as one of Oceania’s toughest in a devastating KO  Knee comeback in RD 2 against Joel “ BUCK” Masters.

Ozzie x 3 

Dan “The Pain” Roberts , won the crowd over with his support and insatiable ignorance to never say never.

Special Mention - VDK Jamie van der Kuijl


An inspiration to many and a true ambassador to the sport. Words are not sufficient for the positive effect you transpired on all those you met.

Attain Peace.

Carlos Hicks (House of Pain) vs Victor Mechov (ETK)

Curtain Raiser - 3x3 KITR Rules  

Rd 1 was all Slick Victor landing huge body shots. As the rounds passed Carlos had more in the tank and landed crisper shots allowing him the well-earned win.

Winner = Carlos “The Flying Fijian” Hicks  ( Unanimous )

Trans-Tasman Heavyweight 8 Man Quarter Final 1

Joel Masters ( Wild Stables ) vs Jamie Eades ( ETK North Shore )

Former NZ Intermediate & IKBF South Pacific Heavyweight champ, Joel Masters aggressively chargedforward for the first ½ proceeding to throw Eades down twice.  His centre of gravity was dominant but leaving his left foot planted Eades was able to capitalise on leading left thigh smashes.

This could have gone either way until Eades started landing well worked head shots then the KO Knee!

Winner= Jamie “Kyokushin Kid” Eades RD 2 KO KNEE

Trans-Tasman Heavyweight 8 Man Quarter Final 2

Hamad Alloush ( Team Ezza, Melbourne ) vs Nato Laauli ( ETK )

Nato a former TBA, IKBF and WMC Super HW Champion and Hamad the current IKBF Victorian and East Coast champion this was a clash of titans.

Nato had the 1st round with harder on point 1,2 leading left kick combos.  Round 2-3 The General threw punches in punches and displayed a surreal will to never go down.

The General was through to the next round but not unscathed.

Winner = Hamad “The General” Alloush ( Unaminous )

Trans-Tasman Heavyweight 8 Man Quarter Final 3

Dan Roberts ( Bulldog Gym, Manly ) vs Wayne Hehea ( Wild Stables )

Dan a current WKA & ISKA NSW & East Coast Super HW Champion was keen to end this early with a punishing barrage of knees to secure RD1 .

A cut in RD 2 was deep but due to it not affecting the eyesight and being on the side of head the fight was allowed to continue.

RD 3 War Machine stood his ground and sent to Dan to Shake city on numerous occasions but the PAIN just would not go down and went through to the semi in what could only be described as a little worse for wear.

Winner= Dan “The Pain” Roberts ( Unanimous )

Trans-Tasman Heavyweight 8 Man Quarter Final 3

Nase Foai ( Giorgi’s Gym ) vs Israel Adesenya ( City Kickboxing )

Israel controlled the pace in the first landing a spinning JCVD style kick that dropped Nase.

Nase a Karate Black Belt came back in the second landing a very accurate and hard shots, enough to keep Israel in check and not came across too comfortable. However pace and experience was too much which resulted in a stoppage.

Winner Israel ‘Style Bender’ Adesenya RD 2 KO Stoppage ( punches )

Trans-Tasman Cruiserweight Super Fight

Richard Simpson (Bulldog Gym, Manly) vs Pati ‘The Arsenal’ Afoa (ETK)                          

Super_Fights_King_in_the_Ring 100kg 2015

Pati no stranger to the ring and crowd favourite brought forward a no nonsense walk forward style, with strong hands he aggressively worked the body, body head.

A very hard fight to call with each landing head and body shots tic for tac.

Winner= DRAW

Trans Tasman Flyweight Super Fight

Kristian ‘Pretty Girl’ Armstong (Australia) vs Michelle ‘Pressure’ Preston (ETK)

Michelle started the round like a bat out of hell on the tattooed and composed Kristian Armstrong.

Michelle lived up to her name with a consistent barrage of well-placed head and body shots that put her forward to a well deserved unanimous win.

Winner= Michelle ‘Pressure’ Preston ( Unanimous )

Lightweight Super Fight

Joey ‘The Filipino Kid’ (ETK) vs Dayne Williams ( ETK North Shore )

This was one for the purists as the skill and speed displayed between these two rockets was sublime.

The speed and velocity from Williams certainly troubled Baylon however the experience and maturity of Baylon allowed him to absorb and counter the fast pace of Williams.

NZ fighters saw the first go to Williams for the sheer volume and landed shots however as it progressed multiple knockdowns and then control of pace ensured Baylon through to a victory.

Winner= Joey ‘The Filipino Kid’ ( Unanimous )

Trans Tasman Crusierweight - FULL THAI RULES

Slava ‘Scarface’ Alexeichek (City Lee Gar) vs Matt Saville (Australia)

Looking quite comfortable multiple champion Slava applied constant pressure, Matt managed to throw together some very venomous upwards elbows if connected would have been a game changer.

The experience and distance allowed Slava to pick and choose and move forward for a well earned win.

Winner= Slava ‘Scarface’ Alexeichek

Trans-Tasman Heavyweight 8 Man Semi Final 1

Hamad Alloush (Team Ezza, Melbourne) vs Jamie Eades (ETK North Shore)

Both fighters come in slightly damaged from previous fights. Eades slightly the fresher having only gone 2 rounds opposed to the Generals 3.

Eades begin with leading left thigh smashes that were felt from ringside to the wall, the general stood his groud with 8 punche combos which did rock Eades.

As the fight wore on Eade continued to punish the left leg which even had the crowd wincing in pain and Eades continued forward to claim the crown.

Winner =  Jamie ‘Kyokushin Kid’ Eades ( Unanimous )

Trans-Tasman Heavyweight 8 Man Semi Final 1

Dan Roberts (Bulldogs Gym, Manly) vs Israel Adesenya (City Kickboxing)

Dan warmed up the crowd with a yellow and gold jersey and jeered the crowd with his sin ominous evil grin. With Izzy fairly fresh and Dan looking like he had just fought a war this going to come down to grit.

In typical fashion Dan decided to brawl till you fall and that’s exactly what happened. Once caught he was wobbled which was followed up with a punch, kick punch combo which sent the Ozzie warrior down.

In a show of true sportsmanship he was up and thanked Izzy for one heck of a knockdown.

Winner= Israel ‘Style Bender’ Adesenya RD 1 KO ( Punch )

Trans Tasman Final

Israel Adesenya (City Kickboxing) vs Jamie Eades (ETK North Shore)

Having fought two hard fights Eades was more than warmed up opposed to Izzy who was once again fairly fresh.

RD 1- Israel controlled the pace with his long limbs and at times confusing style by holding his arms out ondifferent angles. Eades was able to see past this from time to time and land a nice right signature thigh smash.

RD 2 -  As fatigue sunk in and Izzy showing super boxing Eades went down from a beautifully placed left body shot. Up again he fought on and was sunk a again with a body shot then head kick.

Winner = Israel ‘Style Bender’ Adesenya ( City Kickboxing ) KO

Winning the King In the Ring is harder than gaining a championship belt. Part strategy, skill, heart and a fraction of luck ( 0.01% ) if you win the hard way you would have fought a total of 9 rounds.

Israel Adesenya has now proved he can win in multiple weight categories with some of Australasia’s best fighters.

In what was once again a clinical and exhilarating night of fights Jason and Arna Suttie are adding sticks of dynamite to a bonfire of NZ and Australian kickboxers.

It is events like this that breathe life into the sport, gain exposure and inspire many across the nation of the talent we have here right in our back yard!

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