Combat Krav Maga

We are an Auckland-based full-time combative self-defence training centre dedicated to providing an independently specialised Krav Maga system to New Zealand. Training is designed to give students effective tools and tactics to be able to defend themselves and survive in the face of violence.

Conditioning combines simple to learn techniques with reality-based scenarios that challenge both physical and mental toughness. Training within our system builds the kind of confidence, empowerment and fitness that can be applied in all areas of life. There is also a sense of camaraderie between students in our club that develops along side their training.

The elements of the system we use at CKM originate from Head Instructor Omer Duchovny's training under Itay Gil, Professor and Founder of Israeli Security Solutions in Jerusalem, Israel. The advantage of using an independent Krav Maga system allows us to continue the evolution of our training and techniques so that they remain as up to date and effective as possible in the face of violence in today's world. Put simply, as violence continues to evolve, so does our training.


Address: 89 Grafton Rd, Grafton, Auckland 1010 (Basement Level)

Email:  |  Phone: 022-KRAV FIT


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