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At ETK Northshore we provide an alternative to the traditional workout gym. We offer Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing. Our classes are fun and informative catering for absolute beginners through to pro fighters. We also provide a weights and cardio gym which is open regularly. Check out our timetable now and join us at our next class.

THAI KICKBOXING - This class has a focus on the practical application of Thai kickboxing technique and fitness. The session begins with a thorough warm-up of stretching and cardio. A great class for both beginners and the more advanced student wanting to master techniques, practice effective combinations and lift their fitness. No experience or booking necessary for this class.

FIGHTERS CLASS - This session is for advanced students and those training for fights. Each class is custom designed to meet fighter’s needs and deliver 1-on-1 attention, especially to our fighters with up and coming fights. Classes are designed and led by our head coach Greg Nesbit and can have a mix of advanced pad work, sparing, bag work, knee sparring, paired technique, or what ever is necessary to make you the best fighter you can be. You must be a fighter or have passed a Warrant Of Fighting to participate in this class.

LADIES ONLY - This session is designed for ladies only. A good class for women wanting to get into shape and get fit or try out kickboxing in a women only friendly environment. A fun relaxed class where you can learn at your own pace. No experience or bookings necessary for this class.

KIDS KICK BOXING - The ETK KID’s program is designed to teach kids the proper technique and discipline of Thai kick boxing. ETK Kids learn: - the proper technique of Thai kick boxing - fitness and coordination - discipline, respect and control - life skills for a healthy fit future and how to become part of a club and sport.

Address: 60-62 Mokoia Rd, Birkenhead Auckland, New Zealand

Email:  |  Phone: 021 723385


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