Good Fellas Boxing Club

GoodFellas Fitness is a 400 sqm gym offering a unique and personal approach to training for both men & women. Whether your training involves boxing, krav maga, strength and conditioning, modified strongman or just pure fitness you will get a well rounded training experience. Situated on the CBD fringe with great access to and from motorways and plenty of parking, it’s an ideal location for before, during, or after work training either one on one PT sessions or group classes.

Jade and Si formed Goodfellas in 2013, and have over thirty-years experience between them. They currently train corporate, amateur and professional fighters as well as athletes, and a member of the silver ferns. Goodfellas has a friendly, social, and welcoming atmosphere, where members are made to feel part of a 'gym family'.

Learn to box while also developing your whole body strength, fitness and coordination. Our boxing classes are fun, dynamic and challenging. Punch away your frustrations whilst challenging yourself and learning new skills.

Develop hand-to-hand combat, situational awareness and weapon disarming skills in order to protect your life. Developed by the Israeli military, this reality based self-defense system is the benchmark for survival in high risk, real world environments.

Strengthen your whole body with high intensity punching, kicking, throwing and grappling. Sambo is a comprehensive fighting system with practical self defense applications.

Address:  24 Minnie St, Eden Terrace, Auckland 1021

Email:  |  Phone: 09 2804259 or


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