JKA Kohi Karate

JKA Kohi Dojo, Auckland.Shotokan Karate for self defence and self improvement.

As part of the Japan Karate Association Auckland we teach traditional Shotokan Karate to students of all ages using the JKA syllabus as well as more traditional teachings that focus on the practical application of Karate.

In alignment with Karate-do (the way) we place an emphasis on self defence alongside aspects of personal development such as self confidence and mental and physical well being.

This creates an excellent environment for young and old to improve their health and their lives in a safe and enjoyable environment through the art of Shotokan Karate Auckland.


You are never too old to start Karate or in fact return to Karate. We have 6 black belt grade seniors of varied ages and dans who understand well the needs of adults studying the martial arts. Within a few months of training at our Auckland dojo adults will find improved mental and phsyical health. As well as for personal benefits Karate can be a very strong bonding experience if you train with your child.


Kids Karate is a fantastic mind/body exercise system for the development of young bodies and minds. It can be particularly useful in 'burning' off some of that excess mental energy younger children sometimes have as well as allowing teenagers to build confidence and relieve stress at a time when they need to do so. Safety and fun are of course key attributes of Kids Karate in Auckland.

Address: Deryn Hatton St Thomas's School, Allum St, Cnr Allum St & Kohimarama Rd 1071

Email: mike@headstartsolulutions.co.nz  |  Phone: 021 783967 Mike


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