Poneke Kyokushin Karate Dojo

The Poneke Dojo was founded in 1999 with the vision create a happy, friendly club where lots of people, young and old, could enjoy Kyokushin.

We wanted the club to work equally well for busy professionals, kids of all ages and our high performing international competitors.

Several years on the club has evolved into a diverse community. Just like the vision we now offer a variety of classes for a variety of life stages, skill levels and goals.   The club is represented Nationally and Internationally by a large team of competitors who are achieving great results / are a dominant force here and in Australia.

An incorporated society, the club is effectively managed by a strong committee and maintained by a veritable army of volunteers.

Our international connections have always been important to us and these couldn’t be stronger with our Dojo Head, Chris Gower being a representative of the International Kyokushinkarate Organisation (IKO). Chris is one of only two IKO Branch Chiefs in New Zealand.

Address: Prince of Wales Park, Salisbury Terrace, Mount Cook, Wellington 6021

Email: info@thedojo.org.nz  |  Phone: 027 4444194


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