Rhythm Of Combat Taupo (ROC)

Rhythm of Combat is a dream become reality for us.  We have been passionate about MMA and fitness all our lives and when the opportunity presented itself to turn this into part of our everyday lives we, well to be cliché about it, grabbed the bull by the horns.  

Many hours, weeks and months have been spent turning this vision into something tangible.  It was trying and testing of patience, friendship and trust but focus was maintained through the sight of a common goal.  It is this common goal, the goal of providing an outlet for young and old alike to be part of the sport / industry we love, that has driven us this far.

With our goal in mind we, along with many others who have helped along the way, have opened ROC Taupo for you!  We have collected many well qualified instructors, fighters, and all around health oriented professionals so that you can have easy access to a wealth of fitness and health based knowledge all in one location.  We look forward to taking this new and exciting journey and hope you'll take it with us! 

Come by for a visit and someone will be there to answer any questions or queries you may have and while you are here you can check out the water feature... I mean, how cool is it that we have a water feature?

Address: 32 Nukuhau Street, Taupo 3377

Email: justin@roctaupo.co.nz  |  Phone: Justin McDermott 073765430


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