Ringside NZ

Ringside is so much more than just a concept boxing gym, it’s a positive reinforcement that affects all aspects of life.

We specialise in combining the skill in boxing, science and fitness, combined with a state of the art facility.

Located within Les Mills Victoria Street complex, Ringside brings the corporate and boxing world together in the common pursuit to challenge the body, to succeed by overcoming obstacles.

Boxing workout is guaranteed to get everyone into the best shape. Boxing training augments other forms of training. Boxing training stimulates all muscle groups, combines aerobic and anaerobic exercise and enhances fitness, balance and mental agility – boxing gives you the edge.


Boxing provides many benefits and challenges. It has the potential to turn lives around by providing focus and an outlet for pent up aggression. Boxing’s greatest benefit might be in the training and preparation needed to reach the fighting level. Indeed, the actual fighting aspect need not be emphasized to realize boxing’s many benefits:

  1. The Ultimate Workout – The typical boxing training session stimulates all muscle groups, and provides the perfect combination of aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (short-burst, without oxygen) exercise. Indeed, the boxers’ workout is guaranteed to get anyone into the best shape of their lives.
  2. Confidence – Possessing the skills to look after oneself gives a significant amount of confidence. Contrary to popular belief, boxers typically do not seek confrontation as their skills, and confidence, convey an inward belief that there is nothing to prove. When one is confident of their ability to defend themselves physically, thistranslates to a psychological benefit of self-contentment and peace of mind.
  3. Stress Relief – After a hard day, hitting the heavy bag for five to six rounds serves as a tremendous stress release. Boxing enhances the ability to relax, which helps one to keep calm and poised under pressure. In this sense, boxing helps one to manage life more efficiently.

Address: 186 Victoria St W, Auckland, 1010

Email: mark.michaels@lesmills.co.nz  |  Phone: 0800LESMILLS or 0274 722524


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